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Stl Needed

hi all

is there anyone that can make me an stl file,the cost here in belgium to make an stl,is very high+cost material and chipping.also you dont get the stl file,
companies says its there property.you dont have to do it for free ,but i ,
dont want to spend to much on it.

what do i want is a hip case ,similar like the neck part jd,but for 2 big servo's.
the ones we use here ,lever servo's.color case is white.i want to give jd ,
some freedom more ,to be able take side steps.

the servo's comes together with no end piece where normal a screw sits.
on top servo,here are some pics.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

thank you


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Opera is good,,,,,, ..... LOL
i choosed the three tenors.pavarotti,jose careras ,domingo
but i dont no how to uploaded when reddy for ,sabam will be a problem.
Ha - i'm having fun with JD's new hips

it looks really great.cant hardly wait to have mine hips.

i put the brackets a little off center,again a little more freedom.

User-inserted image
Dj.....That is SOOO cool.....

Patrick ,, good Luck with yours ...
It looks like that could be used to help JD walk without so much of a shuffle. Lean to one side so one leg is bearing all of the weight, then lift the other leg high, lean forward until the front leg touches the ground, then lean to that side to it takes the weight as the leg straightens out.

It is too bad there isn't an easy way to do a servo controlled ball joint, which is what a hip really needs, but this could really help with JD's mobility.

i think dj gonna surprise us,new update ARC.:)
Next need is a two axis waist. and more powerful servos.
or the backpack for jd from anthony.
Watch the way you walk in a mirror Your waist twists you hips. The movement is complex but you can get more of a walk gait with a waist added. This walking will make you crazy... LOL
i notest to get a robot on one leg ,you start with the otherfoot lift outwarts,
that puches the robot into the direction off the other leg you want him to stand on.
ones you see he's going that way,take over with the foot also lift outwarts,
you want him to stand on.
User-inserted image

Thank you for the nice design... is there an action implented in roboscratch?

Tnx Eddy
@DigiEddy are you happy with your Flashforge Dreamer ?
Do you use a different software ?
@DigiEddy The hips require a specific project, not the standard JD project. For reference, this is mentioned in the instruction video, this thread, and the description of the 3d printable part for anyone else reading this.

*Note: at the time of this writing, the jd with hips project is not complete. It does not have optimized walking and movements to use the hips. We're slowly working on it, and feel free to contribute:)

You can get additional apps using either EZ-Cloud from ARC or the Robot AppStore on this website: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/EZCloud/RobotApps.aspx

thanks for mention this.am gonna try the side steps ones i got my 3d parts.

howmany downloaded the stl from the hips ?
i got the hip part,but the size is not correct.you can pull the backside easly off.
eather the bottom inside must lift 2 a 3 mm or the nots on the backside,
2 a3 mm longer so the bracket cant come off.
here are some video's.

here you see where the 2 mm is missing,it also prevent the bracket from,
getting stuck on the head from the screw.

User-inserted image