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Still Waiting On Order

Are we ever going to get our orders? Can someone please tell us what the latest information is.


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United Kingdom
The latest information is the same as it has been for months, Revolution robots will begin shipping in July. The first batch of developer kits and EZ-Bs was dispatched last month (the first 100 or so) and have been received by the community - mine is sat in front of me.
@Sealfish... Dude, you have to drop by more often... As Rich said, it's been known for months that July EZ Robot will begin Revolution shipping...:)
That's nice yours is setting in front of you, but that's the problem mine is not setting in front of me. I've made three different orders with one order just the EZ-B and camera with assorted items purchased way last year and it hasn't been shipped yet.
United Kingdom
They are shipped in first come first served order.

I mentioned I have mine to assure you that they are being dispatched, no other reason. If yours hasn't been dispatched yet then you didn't fall in to the order numbers for the first batch.

Only 100 or so EZ-Bs were available for the first batch since these were made in Canada by EZ-Robots staff and plastic parts 3D printed rather than injection molded. A lot more than 100 have been pre-ordered and the remaining ones which weren't part of the first batch will follow come July.
Looking at my various order #s, I wouldn't be surprised if that were a thousand or so still to ship...
I also have 3 different orders from last year, but I am encouraged that shipments have started.
My experience with 3 EZB3 shows me that EZB4 is something that I want and will receive soon.
These are just my thoughts, but you will not be disappointed.
Steve S
@sealfish - We are working long and hard to ensure the best quality product is being manufactured. While there have been many delays in shipping, there have also been some pretty amazing technological breakthroughs, adding more features and expandability to the product. The designs of the robots have changed significantly and are optimized for manufacturing and longevity.

As everyone else has mentioned - Shipping of Revolution orders will begin in July. We've been receiving first shot's from the moulds and electronics over the last month and are now making the necessary tweaks for mass manufacturing. Once manufacturing is complete the products need to be assembled, tested, packaged and shipped. This process also takes time since the quantities being made this first batch are substantial.

Thanks for being patient! Everyone on this forum is really excited to get their orders, and everyone here at EZ-Robot is also anxious to get our own robots in hand:)

It seems you have missed some of the updates - here are the two most recent ones..

Thanks everyone for the latest info. That's nice of you Canadians to try to start shipping by July 4th our great country's birthday. LOL! I had to throw that in. All of the parts will fit a lot better instead of 3d printing them. I have a couple of different 3d printers and neither is very consistent with making parts exact, especially when making lots of parts. Looks like we should be getting things before long and that's nice to hear. Thanks again for the information and the videos. :)
@sealfish, Just a note.. You may want to check that support@ezrobot.zendesk.com and support@ez-robot-alerts.com and @ez-robot.com are all in your "safe senders" list in your email. Particularly the @ez-robot.com domain.

Everyone with outstanding orders have received several email updates as various delays were encountered, not just postings here on the forum and on Facebook, but I know a lot of people had the messages wind up in their junk/spam folders. It seems particularly bad for Gmail users.

We have another video update to release today, I think... Not sure where Jason our media guru is at with it:)
Here I am back again 3 months after my first post and I’m still waiting! *confused*
Hi @sealfish! We actually contacted you regarding the LiPo battery on your order, and your order status. Please send me an email at aislinn@ez-robot.com, as I have sent you several emails over the past wee bit, but have not received a response. I'm hoping we have the correct email on file! We will sort it out- just shoot me a message. :D