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Waiting 13 days for ?


My robot parts confused confused confused


Well you do understand orders ship from China, you are aware of that? What step does it say your order is in?

2 weeks was the very quickest I have received an order. 3-4 weeks has been more common for my orders.


The good news is that Brookstone has parts in stock. It is currently probably the only place that can ship from stock. The bad news is that they only carry a very few of the basic parts, and they are in limited quantities. As far as I know, every other store sends along your order to be dropped-shipped from China. If Brookstone can fulfill your order, I suggest you cancel your current order and reorder from them. Perhaps even go to a store and get some stuff directly. OTOH if you need things like an EZB4 or JD feet or a Six body, you are out of luck and might as well stick with what you have and wait it out like the rest of us. But, if all you need are some servos or a 4-in-1 sensor, maybe some connector blocks or a JD claw, they probably have you covered. They seem to have JD, Roli, and Six kits as well.

United Kingdom


I was informed last week from customer service that the current shipping time turnaround for new orders is currently 3 to 4 weeks, so nothing is wrong. With 13 days you are half way there so you shouldn't have too much longer to wait until your new items arrive. ;)


yeah thank you for letting me know that so yeah thank you again and next time you might actually want to start a tutorial about that so that way people won't be misinformed:D:D:D:D:D:D :D


gearking You do realize that you are making comments to other EZB customers that are members of the forum community and not employees of EZ-Robot.