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Stepper Motor Vs Servo

Hello all,

For my next project I am going to make a flea circus! I've already done a very small proof of concept which you can check out here

The EZb would be perfect for a project like this as I could talk to my fleas and have them perform tricks almost magically!

The biggest issue is servo noise and I wanted to know if anyone has done much with stepper motors and whether this might be an alternative?

If not, are there "quiet" servos available? (might be an oxymoron)



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The three major solutions I have read on this Forum are....fill the servos with grease , quietening the gears. Wrap the actual servo container with automotive noise sealer material, and.... pure physical distance! Apparently metal gears are more quiet then plastic....... :) some food for thought
What a cool and fun project. I'd love to make one of these for the grand kids. I've always been fascinated with this kind of "slight of hand" sense I was a kid.

The only real sound quieting methods We've found are what irobot58 stated. I've used dynamat insulation with good success. I covered my servos with the stuff and found the noise was cut about in half. I bet if you also covered the inside of the box you would get even better results.
Thanks gents - much appreciated!

If you have a look at some you-tube clips on flea circus's, there are some pretty amazing ones out there. I love the idea that I would be able to just give commands to the fleas and they would perform.
Ah...., you do know that there are no real fleas, right?;)
What are you talking about!... of course there is! You just have to look really hard :)