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Stepper Motor Control

Is there the possibility of adding a tab in ez builder for stepper motor control.I would to use steppers for Movement Panel without having to write my own script.


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Ok, but what device (stepper motor controller) would we use to control the steppers? The L298 H-Bridge?... DJ will kind of need to know that before he can write any code for a stepper movement panel....

To be honest, I don't see much advantage of using a stepper over a servo... At least with a servo you can drive heavier loads and all the driving circuitry is internal... No need for a motor controller... Simple plug and play...
I say no to the L298 because it is a digital port hog. Sparkfun Easydriver, Big Easydriver or Pololu has 6 to choose from all with single PWM and direction interfaces.

@ Richard R, I love ya bor but there may just be some uses that might be useful that haven't been investigated yet. What do you think?
I will give you that... new ways should be investigated... I know how to use steppers and I know how to use servos... I guess I find servos much easier to work with... Sure you can do your roof with a hammer and nails, but wouldn't a nail gun make it a lot easier and faster?