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No i have mine ordered here from ez-robots. I just been looking for something for my daughter she starts school in 2 weeks and is part of the robotics teams. We ordered the hex and jd for here to take to school and as its getting close i was looking for some platform i could get her so she would not show up with out a robot. I really like the ez robot format and will wait for it , but just looking for a back up in case of additional delay, When i seen jd on this site and they are telling their costumers that delivery is a 8-8-2014 I may save 600 or 700 bucks by not having to get something i can get over night.
United Kingdom
Revolution robots have been on there for months. The dates have often changed. Don't take the dates as guaranteed, they are estimated. It shouldnt be long now anyway but try not to get your hopes up too much for a delivery before that date.
I wouldn't hold your breath.... RobotShop had Revolution products listed for the last 6 months .... They just keep moving up the expected stock date.... In fact, I was the one who noticed that they had a listing for Roli, but that as I said was 6 months ago....