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Spelling Error

Typo in help on "Servo - Auto Positioner" title "Auto Position Without Movmeent Panel"


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poof weader wansted mast spoke goud eingerland apple withen :P:P;)


@bborastero LOL... too funny.... It's dodi's contribution to the forum, didn't you know?..... He's German so he or she expects perfection.... :P

United Kingdom

It's not only German's who like perfection. I know I struggle with anything that's not perfect and I've seen DJ say he does too so I am sure that, despite it's insignificance to most that DJ appreciates typos being picked up (he says after slightly mocking on the last one...)

Dodi, is this on the site or in the software? If on the site can you provide a link to the page, it'll make it easier to find for DJ and co.


@Rich... Ok, but It's one thing to point them out when you come across them. It's an entirely different matter to purposely seek them out in an attempt to feed some sort of superiority complex...

Your need for perfection is personal, you never make others feel less because of it nor do you give off any "I am better than you" attitude....


sorry didn't mean to offend blush. I am a bit "grammar police" my self, it doesn't help having dyslexia and a touch of OCD so I get a freak about spelling mistakes which is why I find spell checker so helpful, English English of course I like all those extra vowels :D


@bborastero ahh, no way did you offend... I thought what you posted was really funny... We need humour to keep things light here...:)


@dodi to avoid the mockery and sarcasm that can occur in this forum, it's better to report things like typos directly to Ez-Robot. Strictly speaking it's not a "Bug Report"

@Richard R, I don't think that your sarcasm is always interpreted by everyone as humour. Putting a :P at the end of a racist insult does not make it funny or acceptable. ....and in post #5 are you implying that @dodi is reporting typos "to feed some sort of superiority complex"?


To avoid further discussions, what's the right address to report spelling errors?

This time I wanted to add the URL, but it disappeared somehow from my contribution :-( Here it's again:

Perhaps it's me who stumbles over typos easily, in detail when deciphering foreign language texts, but I think that a good product deserves good documentation.


@dodi It looks like using Contact/Technical Support leads you back to this forum. Seeing that you have already tried this forum I would use:

Contact (the link at the bottom of this page) Product Warranty Warranty Reason: "Defective Part" URL: the URL of this discussion

Maybe hold back and make a collection of typos rather than send one every time you find one.


nah, use the forum. Our customer support (aislinn) is already over-worked:)

Just use this thread...


Thanks @dodi for noticing! We appreciate you keeping a close eye on things. :)


Yep, the forum is a great way to report errors and bugs, but just for next time, a screenshot and/or, if it's on the website, a link to the page, would help a lot:)


Glad to see your positive response :-)

I had added the page URL to my initial posting, but it disappeared somehow. Perhaps the URL should not be enclosed in angle brackets?