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Speed For Camera Servo- Tracking

Another question. When trying to get the most out of the camera tracker, I've always struggled with how its moving the servos if i choose grid option.

1) The servo speed seems set to (slow?) on increment 1

2) If I change the incremental steps I can make the servo speed faster at the cost of what seems larger degrees of movement?!

3) I'm trying to see if its possible to keep the incremental steps at 1 and increase the speed of the servo. So i get faster smooth motion.

I'm using the dynamixels and want to take advantage of their smooth motion, but I want the speed too.


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It's all servos not just dynamixels. During tracking with grid it would be nice to have a speed control vs incremental stepping. Like we have now with speed 0-10 with some settings.
Set servospeed (see ezscript manual) or set increment (see Camera manual)
Is increment the same as servo speed ?

I only ask because I'm trying to understand how the grid/camera/servo functions. I don't need info on servo speed script...

....., just how increment works under the hood, is it speed or degree per step.