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Speech Recognition In Other Countrys

Hello robot designers from other countrys,
I am from Germany and for the past 9 months have not the speech recognition at the EZ-B get to work. I assumed that the error in the English version of Windows 7 was and it was so. Since yesterday I have. an U.S. version of Windows 7 and it works perfectly!

Hallo Roboter Konstrukteure from other Countrys,
ich bin aus Deutschland und habe seit ├╝ber 9 Monaten die speech recognition bei der EZ-B nicht zum laufen bekommen. Ich vermutete das der Fehler an der deutschen Version von Windows 7 lag und es war auch so. Seit gestern habe ich eine US Version von Windows 7 und es funktioniert tadellos.

Greetings from Germany




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United Kingdom
I assume the second half is the same as the first half but in German? Sorry, English is the only language I know (unless you count HTML, PHP, Python etc.)

I had the same error with the British English version of Windows 7, luckily I could add in the American English language/profile to fix it. Do you not have the option of additional languages in the German version of Windows?
Yes, the second text is the same in German only. I had tried to subsequently other language, unfortunately this was unsuccessful.

sorry for my bad english.
United Kingdom
Your English is good, I've seen a lot worse from English people!..
Rich and lizpoir Hello, I have not been able to run the Recognition of voice in ARC, although, in windows 7 I work well despite having trained about 3 hours.
Buestros reading posts and I changed the language of Windows7, I had it in Spanish, now I've put it in Spanish America, I have returned you to try all configurations of confidence and microphone volume and does not work in ARC.
Will I have to change the language to English U.S. and the recognized individual voice coaching in English and speak English to the robot?
Language to talk lizpoir your robot, are in English or German?
If I can fix this descorcharé a bottle of champagne to your health or I'll do some T-shirts with their names.
Hello R2D2 you are from europe and i think you have the Same problem, you have an European Windows 7. When you Installing Windows at first the Speech are Spanisch? Thats the Problem. You must buy an US Windows than it works. My Robot works only in English.
Hi everyone,
I have Windows 8 (a licence upgrade from Windows 7). The original language was english (UK if i remember well) and I have installed the french pack. So, I use now Recognition in french and everything works fine in ARC... my robot listen to me in french!.
Maybe there is something with the new windows 8 that helps....
Verify the message in the Debug Control when adding the Speech Recognition for any errors and additional information.

User-inserted image
Thank you all for your quick responses and thanks Dj, this is the debug message, however it does not work, I think it says something of the language pack.

User-inserted image
Hello fredebec,
thank you for the info with Windows 8
There's your answer:) install en-us
It's funny because if I recognized two verbal commands (and only two).
I only recognize those that are inside those boxes:
- "enable phrase"
- "disable phrase"
And it does so very well, with great level of success and I am also from the microphone when I speak.
I can associate any command to the phrase written in enable or disable but other orders written in the box "phrase" do not work.
I do not see the logic of this, but it's what happens to me.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Dj, I do not understand exactly does "install on-us"
I suppose they are abbreviations of languages ??but, what? *confused*
Any ideas or suggestions from anyone?
You are must Install a US Speech Paket, but by me it was not succsesfully. Take a new Windows take a US Version and it works.
Thanks for the reply lizpoir, I will continue on this path.