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Speaker Tone Random Notes Causing Bt Connection To Drop

When I hit the Random Notes button in the Speaker Tone panel, it causes the Bluetooth connection to drop. Anyone else experiencing this?

Settings are on the default: Keyboard Note Length = 100 Random Note Length = 25 Random Note Count = 20


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Hi Choyster,

What kind of speaker are you using by the way? 4 ohm or 8 ohm? 0.25W or higher? or piezo buzzer maybe?


Piezo buzzer. Thanks in advance for the help!


so what was the problem? Too much ohm load for speaker? What did you figure out? Thanks


Choyster, how low would you say your battery (or power supply) is? If it is approx. 6V or lower you could run into brown outs (voltage sag that resets EZ-B chip and Bluetooth module).


The problem hasn't been resolved. I was just trying to be polite and thank skater_j10 for thinking about my little issue. :)

Battery should be fine. I've got 6 rechargable AA's in series which should equate to 7.2 volts if I'm not mistaken. There's plenty of juice in the batteries. Also, all of the individual keyboard notes play without a problem but when I hit Random Notes, the speaker starts to make a sound and then the bluetooth cuts out. At that point, I need to reboot the EZ-B in order to reconnect.


I'm looking into it :)


I am having the same problem. the first thing I did was check the battery ( I have an 8.4 NIMH battery) I used a meter to check and it read GOOD.

This only happens when I hit the random notes.