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Spam?.Video Live Stream Requests

Are we being spammed? I have seen 3 different requests with links to "Live" events from things like the MTV awards, etc


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Ya, I keep seeing this SPAMMER crap popping up the last couple of days. What a PITA !
I've written a new authentication process today that will require people to click on an activation link before being able to post on the forum and use community features (ie add plugins, add tutorials, etc). This should help reduce spam posts.
Hmmm now there is an idea
Videos of robots cooking spam

Or just opening the can

Sorry just had to lol
No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise, fear and surprise; two chief weapons, fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency! Er, among our chief weapons are: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and near fanatical devotion to EZ-Robot! Um...."