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Soundboard V4 And Speaker In Ezbv4

Okay, I finally fired up the EZB for the first time. Took a while to figure out how to connect it and ultimately it was in fact the antivirus and the forum pointed this out.

I wanted to do something as simple as possible.
I want to play an audio file when a button is pressed.

I put in the Soundboard v4 control loaded one .WAV file. It does not play.
I loaded the Soundboard PC put in the WAV file and it plays on the PC speaker (as expected?)

I tried loading the app to my mobile phone and it says that the control is not supported in mobile. I took out the Soundboard PC, resaved the app, loaded to phone same message.

So, two questions:
1. is it that neither soundboard is supported on the mobile app?

2. my ezbv4 was VERY quiet, almost inaudible when I reset it. Is that a possible defect? I am using a 5v 2amp power supply (I know I need a bigger one(more amps, it is on order) .. but would that make the sound quiet.. maybe inaudibly quiet?

My requirements are pretty light yet the ability to play sound was a key feature I thought this had. I don't want to drag a laptop just to play sound. I don't want to drop $50 on an MP3 trigger. I guess there are cheaper arduino shield alternatives that I could drive from the ezb.

Just my luck the first 'simple thing' I try may be a dead-end without at a minimum more money.

Okay third question.. any prospect that the control WILL be supported in mobile?


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First, make sure your connected to it through ARC. The volume slider on the side of the control could be a problem. The ez-b speaker also is a pressure fit so it might be poorly contacting. You can take the screws off the bottom of the ez-b case and stretch the connector springs on the speaker a bit to help it contact better, but I wouldn't until you have tried everything else.

As for the mobile app, I know speech stuff isn't compatible, but sound should, so I would try a fresh file with only the sound board in it.
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To answer your first question, the Soundboard (V4) control is supported for the mobile app. Just make sure that the project with your Soundboard (v4) and WAV (or MP3) file in it is saved to the Cloud before opening it on your mobile app, and confirm your app/phone is connected to the EZ-B. The soundboard (v4) control will only play audio files when ARC is connected to the EZ-B. The Soundboard (PC) control can play files through the computers speakers, as expected, whether the EZ-B is connected or not.

The power you're supplying to the EZ-B should be sufficient enough for play files through any of the soundboard controls.

There is a script command for changing the V4's speaker volume...


SetVolume( volume )
Sets the volume of the EZ-B v4 speaker
The volume can be a value between 0 (quite), 100 (loud), 200 (2x over drive)
The volume can be viewed in the Script Variable Viewer
Example: SetVolume(50)
Example: SetVolume(100)
Example: SetVolume(150)

But, if all of the on-board verbal phrases and connect/disconnect chimes that the EZ-B makes are really too quiet to hear, such as the reset phrase as you mentioned, then first off I'd check to see if the speaker is seated properly in it's housing, and try @technopro's advice about gently checking/adjusting the little springs on the speaker and make sure that they are making good contact with the board.
Kennard - that sounds like a manufacturer defect. Can you take the bottom off the ez-b and check the speaker to see if the springs are making a correct connection? Thanks!

You will need a small Philips screw driver to remove the bottom cover of the EZ-B v4. There are instructions on how to take the EZ-B v4 apart using the Open IoT WiFi page: http://synthiam.com/Products/ARC
I also checked the volume slider which I missed on the soundboard control. It was half way. Moving it all the way up, still no sound but I thought I heard something so...holding up to my ear I can make out the 'my battery is low' warning.

I pulled apart and stretched the springs a little and indeed it is much louder much like the sound on the video tutorial.

I went back and looked at the settings again... I guess I was reading it backwards on overiding the battery low thing.

I got it working now in the PC ARC.
Loose springs? Good to know! Thanks for the update:)