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Brushed Esc And Servo Question

Hello, New to the EZB. Finally started it up. Two questions: Q1. Got a couple servos moving. I have a continuous rotation servo It seems to have a significant delay when stopping. Is that normal? Q2. I got one of these. It is not turning the motor. I am...
Specific Recommendation For Power Adapter

Specific Recommendation For Power Adapter

Hello, I made the leap after a fair amount of research and bought an ezbv4 last night. My initial application is static so I deferred...

Soundboard V4 And Speaker In Ezbv4

Okay, I finally fired up the EZB for the first time. Took a while to figure out how to connect it and ultimately it was in fact the antivirus and the forum pointed this out. I wanted to do something as simple as possible. I want to play an audio file when a button is pressed. I put in the Soundboard v4 control loaded one .WAV file. It does not...

Stand Alone Operation?

I believe I missed something really fundamental about the ezb architecture but I would appreciate some clarification. So the ezb requires either a computer or phone/tablet to operate at all. I missed that.. Being new to all this I thought that code was built on the pc and sent to the controller but the strong WiFi integration was mainly for added...

Prospective User Seeking Recommendations For More Of An Automated Display

Greetings, I am brand new here, lurking for a while but first post. I am considering the EZ-robot for future projects. My background: I am an adult lego enthusiast. I have dabbled with the first generation of lego robots and that is about the extent. I have programmed small utility programs in MANY languages over the years. Jack of all trades...
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