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Soundboard Error With Speech Recognition, ARC Mobile

I just recently upgraded from the previous version of ARC to the newer one. But now when I try to add a new speech recognition command I get the Following error when trying to execute it. Error on line 1: Unknown Window Control Command: Track_62 The following is the command I'm using. controlcommand("soundboard v4", Track_62) I can however change the command to a track that was loaded pre upgrade and it will execute without hesitation. Is there a maximum number of tracks you can have when creating your soundboard clips? On a different subject I also noticed that when I save for the mobile app if the windows aren't placed just right I'm not able to open my mobile interface because it doesn't show on my mobile device and I cant scroll down to it.


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First, does Track_62 exist? Double check the track number etc.

Does that command

ControlCommand("soundboard v4", Track_62)

work in a normal EZ-Script control?

Have you tried it with quotes around Track_62? i.e.

ControlCommand("soundboard v4", "Track_62")

As far as the mobile interface is concerned, have you tried building a mobile interface or are you just relying on the ARC desktop? The mobile app is designed so that you build a custom interface with the buttons and controls that you require rather than using the desktop view.



  1. Your project has never worked even before the update because the maximum number of tracks per SoundBoard has always been 50

  2. The code with ControlCommand() is missing "quotes" around the command Track_62, as Richard stated. Please read the EZ-Script Getting Started to understand how to use the Cheat Sheet tab for proper syntax

  3. As for your mobile question, it sounds like you are not creating a mobile interface and attempting to use the desktop view? If so, please read/watch the tutorial on how to make mobile apps correctly: Mobile App Tutorial

  4. Your subject to the message says "Speech Recognition" and I do not see a question regarding it. Perhaps you forgot to ask?

Hope that helps:)


Only 50 tracks allowed? Is it possible to allow more tracks with an ARC upgrade in the future? I have over 400 I'd like to use some day.


@DJ - I think he was using speech recognition in order to say a command to play the track and since it errored he thought it might be related to speech recognition.

@Dave Schulpius - I have at least a dozen different sound boards for my Bender robot. So you can just break your sound files up into different sounds boards...which will come in handy anyway (I think). Because I have a sound board for "no's" and one for "yes's" so I can use a scripted command to play a random response from those sounds boards for when Bender needs to say yes or no.

I also have a sound board for cursing (because Bender from Futurama is naughty robot) so he can curse but I'm going to implement a "church going" mode if you will, so he is prevented from using his fowl language.

The 5th law of robotics - thou shall not curse or make rude comment


@mrocha4242 - Anytime I have any issue with a sound board track, the first thing I do is go to my sound board, check the name of the sound board and check the track number (remember it starts with track 0) and then manually play the track to make sure it plays correctly that way.


Dave, you can have 50 per soundboard. You can have as many soundboards as you wish.


Sorry, I have not been able to respond in a long time but thank you all for the information.