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Sound Servo (Ezb)

When I use the Sound servo (EZB) to control 'Mouth LEDs' on my 'bot "Wilber",
The Sound servo seems to quit outputting values before the spoken message is over. Notice "2015" is not included.

Here is an example:


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I also get a debug message: "Sound servo Error; Object is currently in use elsewhere."
I'll take a look at it for ya:)

*Note: Added to the list
As well as still getting the same error, I also notice the same issue of the sound servo control getting ahead of the speech, particularly with longer phrases. It seems to stay in sync with playing mp3s though.

DJ, you were going to look at my project because you thought the error message was fixed release before last. (myroli-mkii)

United Kingdom
Hey there
I'd love to know how to fix this; I have latency where the sound is off; the servo comes first.

This is on the to-do list for me to look at. Sadly, the list is long:P and i'm the only programmer still
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Damn! Och well, thanks anyway.
Did you watch my video too?
Hello OldBotBuilder,
can you tell me how to use the voice of a robot alienate (Robot sound). That sounds good.

Thanks Sven

I bought the Cepstral voice "William" for $35.00 then added the special effect "pic_pipe.sfx".

After the application is downloaded, go to the directory
C:\Program Files\Cepstral\sfx and copy the pvc_pipe.sfx , then go to C:\Program Files\Cepstral\voices\William, paste the pvc_pipe.sfx file, then rename it default.sfx.

Good Luck.
Thank you very much, i have bought for a few months the Cepstral Voice Matthias (German) but its not Effect include. Now I have just written a message to Cepstral and asked how do I get the effect. Or do you know where I can get the special effect "pic_pipe.sfx for my voice?

thank you
Thank you, it works great!