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Sound Servo Speaker Error


Hey buddy. I've come across a bit of a bug with the new "Sound servo Speaker" control. Running on EZ Builder version 2015.11.25.00, when I add the control to a project, everything works fine. I added a script using the vairable and that worked too.

The problem comes when I save and close the project. When I reopen the project, I get the following error...

User-inserted image

I close the error message and the control has disappeared. I re-add it and the same scenario happens again. I did the usual troubleshooting by running the repair/reinstall, and restarted the laptop, but no dice and the same thing still happens.

Any thoughts?


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Seemed to work fine for me, at first.... I added sound servo PC speaker. I added a script to monitor $SoundValue then a speaking script... I then closed and re-opened the test project and got the same error...
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That's interesting. Thanks for confirming Richard. At least I know it's not a problem my end anyway.
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Thanks for the quick fix DJ.:)