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Sound Servo Control

Has anyone tried this one? I was looking at it and I see where you identify which servo port to use but does it always move whenever something is played on the speaker?
DJ, can we enable and disable the monitoring of the speaker? Say for instance I wanted to play a sound effect but I dont want the mouth to move during it, then afterwards re-enable it when he speaks.


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Very cool. I will look at that. Now get to bed.:)
We dont want you to burn out!
I've tried controlcommand(SoundServo, Pause) and it says it is not a valid window control command.
What are the valid commands?
The only help shown is this syntax ControlCommand( windowName, controlCommand). :/
Forgive my ignorance. :{
Here is the help text from the manual for ControlCommand:

ControlCommand( windowName, windowControlCommand )
Sends a command to the window by its name. Look further down in this document for the available commands
Example: ControlCommand( "ADC Graph", pause )
Example: ControlCommand( "SoundBoard", Track_3 )

Ahhh the quotes! *blush*
No....:) I bolded the text that matters in the help for you

PS, i notice the example in that bit was wrong about the Pause - it's fixed moving forward. But the primary piece you need to read is bolded:)
So in my case it's controlcommand(SoundServo, Pauseon) or pauseoff or pausetoggle. I got it.

PS. I got that edit as I was writing this.:)