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Sonic And Ir Sensors

HI, I am having some issues with my collision sensors on my robot. I installed a Parallax sonic and ir sensor with a S3003 Futuba servo. The sonic and ir sensors are mounted on the same Plexiglas mounting bracket. Using Add Control to my ez-bulder software I installed the Radar Scan and Sharp IR Radar Controls. I have a couple of issues. First I set up the Radar Control. It worked perfect except my servo is jerky not smooth. Second when I went to set up my Sharp IR Control I didn't know where to plug it in since both sensors are using the servo to do their sweeps. My Sharp IR detector does not seem to work as the Radar Scan. I plugged it into both the Digital ports and analog ports on my controller. Neither worked. I really need help in the following items.

  1. Why is the servo jerkily moving and what causes servos to jerk?

  2. What do I need to do to make the Sharp IR Radar work?


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The sharp sensors are analog so you plug them into the analog ports... If you are already using the ping as a radar, are you sure you also want to use the IR as a radar too?

Disable the ping radar control and lets work on getting the sharp sensor to work first... what sharp sensor are you using?

  1. They are analog so you'll be using the analog ports for them

  2. Make sure they are plugged in correctly... make sure the data, + and - are where they are supposed to be... some cables won't match up to the EZB4 pins. You might have to swap wires around...

  3. The servos movement settings in the radar sweep control will need to be adjusted (to prevent the jerky movements)... Try changing the sweep values lower or higher and see what effect that has...


The scan will be "jerky" because of how the sensors work. But jerky isn't the correct word. What you are witnessing is the correct way to radar scan with sound. The delay time can be specified - which modifies how quickly each "movement" of the servo is.

The reason the radar moves and stops and moves and stops and moves and stops is because it is scanning. The sensors need to accurately receive a signal before continuing scanning.


Sorry guys.

My computer went down and I had to build another one. I am going to mark this resolved due to the explanation from DJ. Thanks everyone for your help. :)

I am going to now be gone for a week so I will deal with the UR sensor when I get back.