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Hey, so I had to choose a hardware...my printer is not listed, but I run Octopi on a Rasperry Pi connected to my printer so this seems to be a good pick!

But actually I thought I'll just share this one on how to do mold making and casting, dont know if there are better ways out there, but it seemed fun enough to share to the community!!:)

And since there needs to be a question to wrap this up, and I choose Tic Tac Toe as a category, I will do it Jeopardy style and will be asking...
A game where the winner needs to complete a row with three symbols?

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And also I would thank @RelatedContent for solving this on his first guess!!:D
@mickey666Maus.  I know this is not your printer but have You used a SLA or a DLP Printer yourself what are your opinions on this type of printers.  in the video there was very little cleanup of the object.  which would be a plus for mold making.   Great information.  lots of great ideas .  Thanks.
@nallycat I have never used a SLA or a DLP Printer, just because it is a bit toxic by nature...but lets see, they are getting better and cheaper! Could be a thing for the future!!:)
@Mickey666Maus  Thanks Mickey  I heard that they give off a resin smell when using them.  I think like my CO2 Laser they should be vented to the outside.  the build size is small  but I understand the quality of the print is very high.  I am not to sure how durable the Print is, as I would like to build Robot parts it would need to be very strong.  Maybe make molds for aluminum casting, which I would like to try.
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No, I mean the uncured resin itself is really toxic...that is what kept me from buying a resin printer!:)

@Mickey666Maus Thanks for the information and the video, yes I can see how you would be nervous about using these types of resins, I think if you follow the safety guidelines it can be safe.  When I started using a CO2 laser it is the most dangerous. thing you can own.  the beam is invisable and can blind you in seconds the extremely high voltages can kill in seconds and the water used to cool the laser tube can be a conductor.  if you try to cut things like vinyl the fumes are pure poison. and  it can start fires and burn your house down. I have used a laser for 15 years. but I have learned how to use one with the utmost care.  They will never make a resin printer safe, so just understand the dangers and follow the rules.  you drive a car it can kill you but you still do it.
@nallycat your laser sounds fuuuuuun!!!!!:D

Actually I was less worried about safety procedures, that about waste disposal...its probably not the most environmental friendly thing!!
But lets see, I might get one of them in the future anyways!!
@Mickey666Maus  Here in Canada we have hazardous waste at the garbage dump sites, the resin is very expensive so I expect I will not have much left . the gloves rags cloths etc in paint cans and drop it off.  High power lasers when used correctly are fun and you can be very creative. I sell a lot of my laser creations.  engraving, etchings, mandallas, etc and that pays for my Robots.
sorry Mickey for stepping on your post but there is no area for general information,  the following is taken from the inmoov robot english facebook site that I am a member of, it is an excert of me trying to sell Synthiam and Arc  to Inmoov builders. I think I won over a few and hopefully new Synthiam users for our Community.   this is facebook so after the name is their entry/

Gary Oliver Simon Burfield this my first post really....the software comes with the EZB controller....this gives you voice and face recognition...servo drives etc....its an amazing package and then you write your scripts to do even cleverer stuff....were just starting out... but what you see here represents about 3 evenings of playing with the software and about 3 days of assembly of the robot.

Bruce Nally download the new ARC program it is called ARC and is a bata but it works fine with a better voice to speech servo. you could join Synthiam.com it is all free and there is lots of inmoov builders that can help. yes it is that easy.

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Simon Burfield
Simon Burfield Bruce Nally thanks mate that’s amazing I will look in to getting a EZB controller as only got Arduinos, I built my own robots in the past etc just time now with 3 kids lol

Gary Oliver
Gary Oliver Simon Burfield take a look on youtube at Kyle campbells videos...no 14 or 15 i think....shows some of the stuff it can do and how to generate expression or movement frames and link them to spoken commands....its amazing how quick it comes to life withSee More

Simon Burfield
Simon Burfield Gary Oliver thanks mate

Gary Oliver
Gary Oliver Simon Burfield also....you can download the software and play with the speach recognition....face recognition etc and its spoken back responses without any hardware at all !

Simon Burfield
Simon Burfield Gary Oliver for free? Do you have a link to hand?

Gary Oliver
Gary Oliver Simon Burfield click Bruce Nallys link above...take the time to look through the tutorials and starts to make sense

Simon Burfield Gary Oliver thanks mate!!!

Gary Oliver
Gary Oliver Were just starting out...so no experts for sure....but amazed at how complex things were so easy....we started to link the mouth servo movements to speach manually programming it... then found you can simply assign a 'talk servo' and it matches the mouth movements to the long and short words all automatically...you can then tune it....kicked ourselves

Som SP
Som SP Simon Burfield i just ordered 2 of EZ controllers from Amazon last Monday because i can not go further with MRL. Hope EZB could help but seem their is not much video of EZB on InMoov?

Mitch Mitch
Mitch Mitch Gary Oliver yea its a good platform for the electronics im going to use ezbot too

Mitch Mitch
Mitch Mitch Som SP there are a few videos and other people's inmoov's on Synthiam site

Som SP
Som SP Mitch Mitch thanks i am looking to link from bruce nally above. It is interesting.

Som SP Bruce Nally great link!!
Hahaha...I guess you would have to turn this into a question to post it!! Its a bit weird having to do so, but its the only way to post general stuff here on the forum!!:)
Yes we shall call it the Mickey666Maus Tic Tac Toe General information in Question area.   A place for members to post general information.   LOL.
Good idea!!! Keep em coming...lets see how long we can keep it hot!!:D