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Some EZ-Robot/Synthiam Hardware And More For Sale

Greetings, all, long time no see.

I've decided to sell off a portion of my robotics hardware. (Please advise if this post is not allowed, and offer some alternative methods.)

2 x EZ-B V4 (no top board upgrades)
1x Camera Module
2x L298N Motor Drivers
4x Songle 5VDC activation, 10A AC/DC Relay Board 
4x Ultrasonic sensors(HC-SR04)
2x 360 servo with wheels
2x HD servo
12+x 12V buzzer

I would also be willing to part with my DEWY project, which has 4 HD servos, camera, EZ-B V4 with external power and audio breakout mod, external speaker, LED Eye arrays, cooling fan, and RAD Robot tank drive base. 

Also have a plethora of other hardware such as DC motors, wires, solar cells, etc that could be added to a fun project.
All hardware is being sold As is, Was working last time I used it a few years ago and kept in dry climate controlled storage its entire life.

Will be holding onto some things should I get a good project idea, then you might hear from me again?

Willing to ship from Ontario Canada to other locations in Canada, USA, Buyer pays shipping. Will bundle items. Prices with be very fair(around %50 cost of new plus bundle deals). Mainly clearing space, and giving people the chance to make something new without breaking the bank.

My email is in my profile, please reach out if interested.

Thank you all.
Dylan Hewitt

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hi CardboardHacker

good to hear you have some plans for the future .