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Yes... ez robot supports most generic hobby servos including smart servos like Dynamixel... However, you can't just use the software you will need an ezb4 or ioTiny controller as well... And it does support the ssc-32 servo controller board... I am going to assume it can possible drive other servo control boards too (especially ones that use serial as an interface)...


Hi Richard Thank you for your response. The problem I have is that I have built a 17 dof humanoid robot and the program/servo control board that came with it is a Lobot 23 servo board. It also came with a PS2 controller and receiver that plugs into the Lobot board. This means that all I have to do is download to it and then run it. I have been struggling to find software that will control it. That is why I was hoping that this software would solve my problem. See attached photos. Thanks again. Martin

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Do you have the data sheet on it as you will need to know the communication protocol?...


Hi Richard Unfortunately I have no information about this board at all. I will have to search the web to see what information I can get.



It's going to be a lot of work to use some random undocumented servo controller. That is why ez-robot sells the IoTiny and EZ-B v4 controllers, which work with ARC software. I recommend replacing the controller with an EZ-B v4. Start with the developer kit, as it has the power adapter, camera and controller.

Have fun!


Hi Thanks for the information, I think that will be the only thing that I can do to get this robot to work. Thanks again. Martin.


Hi Thanks for all the help. But Unfortunately I will have to put this project on hold as I do not have the funds to purchase any ez parts. But thanks again to you all for your help.


Didn't you mentioned it came with a ps2 controller? I saw DJ hooking up a game pad controller to use with the ezb3 which I thought was neat.