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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Software Compatibility With Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick


Was planning on controlling the robot using EZ builder software via Logitech Extreme 3D pro.
Its simply a USB joystick that allows binding of keys.
Again, looking to find out if this is compatible with EZ builder software.
Further specs are listed here: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/logitech-logitech-extreme-3d-pro-joystick-963290-0403/10034092.aspx?path=93d81a001f82500107d5c7540940b6a5en02

- Ankit

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United Kingdom
If the joystick basically simulates key presses then yes it will work with the keyboard control.
That joystick also works as a joystick - by default. I don't know anything about simulating key presses. But I do know it's a regular joystick and it will work with Joystick Control
@ Ankit , hello could you close this thread by choosing someone who answered it? Thanks in advance ! - Josh