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Connection With The Following Sensors/Addons

I wanted to know how one would connect the following to the EZB v4 1) Laser 2) Laser Module 3) RC Car 4) Digital Compass - Ankit

Angle Sensor Compatible With Ez-B V4

Hi fellas, I was planning on using an angle sensor to get readings in 2D plane, just the horizontal. I was wondering if anyone here has experience using such sensors in conjunction with EZ-b. Following are the two low cost sensors i've considered so far, any advises and tutorials would be wonderful. Option 1;...

Exporting Little Chunks Of ARC To Other Program?

I read the FAQ, and the following was there: Q. Is the EZ-B Open-Source? We encourage any code you develop using the EZ-B SDK to be released Open-Source and protected under any software license you choose. The code for DJ's robots are released under the DIY section of this website and will always be open source. For hardcore hackers and modders,...

Question Regarding Ez-B V4 Wifi Robot Controller

Is it programmable to be able to autonomously perform if there is no wifi available? If yes, during its autonomous performance would it save all the data that sensors have captured? Communication with cell phone device, I guess that is without a doubt is possible with compatible extensions. If so, could experienced users suggest one to me?...

Compatibility With Ubuntu

Hi there, I was wondering if there are any users who currently use this software with Ubuntu. Wanted to know if there are an compatibility issues that I should be aware of before making the transition. - Ankit

Software Compatibility With Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

Hi, Was planning on controlling the robot using EZ builder software via Logitech Extreme 3D pro. Its simply a USB joystick that allows binding of keys. Again, looking to find out if this is compatible with EZ builder software. Further specs are listed here:...

Controlling Edge Robotic Arm With Ez Board

Hi there, I was digging up on some 5 axis movement capabilities and came across this robotic arm that makes my project very promising at low cost: EDGE: Now I believe its got some DC motors and few servos. I was wondering about the connection with EZ board and EZ builder. Would I be needing anything extra...

Availability By December

Hi, I am using this to complete a required project by April. I need to be certain about the distribution of this product by December. I have not made any purchases previously and that puts me in a little bit of dilemma whether to rely on the order I am about to put through or not. Could the previous members enlighten me about the delivery issues if...
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