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United Kingdom
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Social Stuff.

Just thought it could be an idea to have a topic with our social info in for more than just EZ-Robots, twitter, facebook, skype, whatever... like a directory of people and how to get hold of them other than on the forums.

So here's mine;

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/adonis.dna
Twitter: @RichPyke
eMail: rich@richpyke.net
MSN/Skype: richmr2@hotmail.co.uk
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RichPyke
LinkedIn: Rich Pyke

Edit: And a few web sites I guess...
www.JARV15.com (Jarvis project website, under construction)
www.RPCS.info (Business website, under construction)
www.RichPyke.info (Personal site, abandoned construction)

Anyone is free to add me. Please, anyone who doesn't mind others getting in touch off of the forums pop your details below too. And any other sites/services that I may have missed pop them down too:)


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Whenever I seen someone post a email addy I copied it down for posible future use, so I like the idea Rich just in case a question comes up about a build later.

Facebook: None
Twitter: None
eMail: Old-FireFighter138(at)neo(dot)rr(dot)com
MSN/Skype: None

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alan.burnstine
Twitter: @thetechguru_net (I mostly tweet liberal political stuff, telecom news, interesting science tidbits, and I use it for contest entries. I would not bother following me since it is pretty boring most of the time....
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/110463572478389604895
email: alan@thetechguru.net
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AlanBurnstine and http://www.youtube.com/user/aburnstine
Google Talk: alan@thetechguru.net
Skype: Alan Burnstine (Rarely signed in. If you want to use, schedule something with me through email, or hit me up on Google Talk.

Here's mine:

Facebook: private.
Twitter: @NiekProductions.
Email: niek@niekproductions.com.
Skype: niekwoo10 (click).
Youtube: niekniekgo.

Here's how to create the mail and skype links (remove spaces and replace 'USERNAME' by your username or 'MAIL' by your e-mail):


Email: [ url=mailto:MAIL ]MAIL[ /url ].
Skype: [ url=skype:USERNAME?add ]USERNAME[ /url ].

Josh Starnes

Email: Kandyred@gmail.com

I have blogs but I haven't updated them lately

Upgradecar.blogspot.com ........ Various custom work turbocharged Eagle talon , pictures for fiberglass work and stereo installs, Xbox 360 molded into the dash of a car etc.

YouTube channel
Hey, I know I am still a Newbie on here and I am still in the process of designing my robot, hope to have some pictures to show you all in the upcoming days and weeks. I believe you are going to like what I am going to come up with :-}

Steve Gardner


hi i am newbie too.robot is online.

robot elvis (skype):D
Hey everyone! I'm another newb to this entire business of droid creation!

I live in Edmonton, AB, CAN, so if anyone is nearby and feels like helping me design an unmanned mower or come up with other fun stuff, fire me a mail! One of my secret goals would be to figure out how to create a 3d-printer with all these photocopier parts I have laying around.

Also, if you have access to solidworks or another good CAD program and can hook me up with someone who wants to train me, I have possible access to a Haas VMC.

Wordpress blog: sbesko (maker life, not just robots)