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Asked — Edited

So....I Bit The Bullet And Purchased An Ultimate Wall-E

300.00 shipped....with remote.

ive studied the tear down pics. and i think there are a totla of 8 motors.....

i know if i use the motor controllers from DJ's store they only control 2 motors at a time and take up 5 ports on the ezb....

i think i can only put a max of 2 maybe 3 motor controlers on 1 EZB, right?

that gives me 4 maybe 6 motors....what do you guys think is the best way of avoiding putting 2 ezbs in the ultimate wall-e

Reason i m trying to do this, is because it will be awesome to keep all the originalmovement but to have ultimate control via a xbox 360 controller.

What is the best way to go about this...

one last thing....one of the motors int eh neck is a flat circle motor....a stepper motor? maybe ? not sure....ill post a pic soon....maybe you guys/ 1 gal can confirm is the ezb can power it.

thanks guys and 1 gal


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Well, it was advertized as 17" tall. Guess we'll see. Money back for misleading advertizement otherwise.

Like I said, we'll see.
Hope you do get the Ultimate Wall-E and that's a steal of a price if you did! IMHO, a bit pricey for a U-Command Wall-E, but I guess with eBay as it is jacking up the prices it's not as bad as it could have been!;)
what did the pic look like.....can yuo post a pic so i cans see?

lol i think we all want it to be the real ultimate wall-e!!!
Here is a picture of the bid and a picture of the wall-e.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Sorry man. That's a u command. Sucks!!!
You know, come to think of it, I think I remember this photo from a previous auction, and it was for a u-command. Well, if it is, and the seller gives me any grief, I'll simply go to PayPal and eBay forum. He has a 100% rating, I'm sure he doesn't want to risk that with a misrepresented sale.
if i buy a robot over $100 i would restore it to add to my super robot collection ,like the heathkit hero jr and hero one paid $480 for one and $560 for the other and just bought another hero jr for $300 for parts to restore my hero jr, whats left over is the shell ,motors and frame so will use EZB for it
but thats only way i would pay and use it for EZB
thanks for thatt info, ROBOTMAKER!!!!!

Any one listen to Kevin and bean on Kroq?


Cyberdude, yeah im sure you'll be fine...never had a prob with paypal..and good sellers.
yeah i never had a problem with sellers and paypal and ebay too
Well, the box came this morning, and as soon as I saw it, I knew what I had...a "U-command", not an "Ultimate". *eyeroll*

Oh well. I contacted the seller and explained the grossly misrepresented item. I'll let you know how that goes;)
make shore they pay to ship it back,sometimes they dont.they did it to me on a item and i contacted ebay and they got my shipping back
Will do. I made it clear that since the misrepresented the sale so badly, that I expected them to eat the shipping. (both directions!)
Already heard back. Guy didn't know what he was selling, was told by whomever supplied it to him that it was an "Ultimate". Is refunding everything including shipping, both directions.

A bummer, but will wash out in the end.
I agree about the Heathkit Hero.. I am going to gut mine, install the Ez Robot controller and the ez robot arm I think that should really bring it into the "modern world"
United Kingdom
Anyone know were I could get a remote for a programmable wall e from
@oizee, ebay or Amazon.com may be your friend when searching for the wall-e remote.