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So You Guys Have Been On Fire With My Questions So

I have another one..... I would like to be able to turn robot on, turn computer on and that's it. In other words I would like the computer to boot up, start its scan for the ezb, connect and be awaiting further commands. Possible? In the future I will be opening up the router and assigining MAC address simplifying this task somewhat.


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I am no network guru, that's for sure so I will leave that for guys like Alan and Rich... However, I do recommend you assign your EZB4 a static IP address... That way you don't have to scan each time you want to connect.... What you want to do is very simple... But since as I mentioned I am no computer guru I can only think of a basic way. Just put your EZB Builder project file you want to run at startup in your startup folder on your PC... or at least a shortcut to it.... That way it will lauch when Windows boots... I could probably figure out how to auto connect from that point as well.... But, I will have to go snoop around ARC to try and figure that out....

I am sure there is a better way, however... Hopefully Alan or Rich can chime in...

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As Richard said, have the EZ-B get a static IP, it makes it easier and removes the requirement to scan for the address.

You can turn a PC on with WOL and sending a magic packet to the PC. I do this with Jarvis through EventGhost to turn my office PC on from my living room when I'm too lazy to get up and walk the few meters to my office. WOL needs to be enabled in the BIOS of the PC.

You can then add a shortcut (use shortcut creator in the options tab of the ARC ribbon) to the startup menu in Windows to start ARC on loading of the OS.

The shortcut can run 1 script on load, this is usually an init script which can use ControlCommand() to connect to the EZ-B.

That should point you in the right direction. If you can't find the answers from that just shout and I'll give a bit more detail.

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Thanks Dave, forgot people may not know that:)


My pleasure. ;) I had to look it up to find out what it was. As long as I had the information on the screen I thought I'd just cut and paste. :)

Thanks for that information@Rich. I've been wondering about how to do this myself.