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Smooth Movement


I'm using JD with the camera control (color and facial tracking). JD's head turns when tracking but in very small, jerky movements. I'd like his head to move more fluidly. Is there a setting that I missed that would change this?



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You can set the servospeed in an init script which you can run before you work with him. This would slow his head down as much as you want, but it will be easier for him to lose sight of what he is tracking.

Init script:


Servospeed( Neck servo port, value between 2 and 10)
#Replace the comments with what they tell you to put.

Servospeed( look up/down servo port, value between 2 and 10)
#Replace the comments with what they tell you to put.

Search servo speed in the "script help" next to the scripting window for info on it.
I entered the following into the init script but nothing changed:

# set the speed for JD's head to be a little slower and smoother
servospeed(d0, 8)
servospeed(d1, 8)

The default was 4 for each servo. I checked the Script Help but don't see where I made the mistake. Any other advice? Thanks.
You may need to set the servo position first.


#Set the position first
servo(d0, safe position in midle of range)
servo(d1, safe position in the middle of the range)

#Then set your servo speed
Servospeed(d0, 8)
servospeed(d1, 8)

You can probably just copy and paste everything in the code area and it will work.
Have you tried adjusting these settings in the camera control?
User-inserted image
And you will have to run the script if you change it....
I got it working thanks to all three suggestions.

So I set d0 & d1 servo speeds to 6.

In the camera control window, I set the horizontal increments to 1 & the vertical to 1.

While this seemed to help a bit, I discovered that when combined with a [high] tracking speed adjustment, I got a more fluid movement. So this is pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks to all - (not sure how to award the credit on this one!

Tom, Glad the help you got from these guys helped. They also helped me to understand some questions I had. This is such a great group with very helpful people.

To give credit scroll down towards the bottom of your page and you'll see a drop down box. Click on it and a list of people that tried to help you with your problem will appear. Just click on the name of the person that gave you the best answer. Don't pick me. I did not help with your topic problem. Sometimes it's hard to choose because there are so many good ideas and solutions. Just pick the best you can. Everyone understands. Cheers! :)
Thanks, but there is no option to select more than one person.

I do agree. The Community is fantastic!:)