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Slight Delay With Ezb Voice

Quick Question,

Is it me or have you all noticed a slight delay with the SayEzB Voice. In other words, when the command is executed half or most of the words are not being spoken. Has anyone else seen this?



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Can't say I've seen that happen at all with mine. Have you checked it's not the speaker? It doesn't sound like it would be the speaker but that would be my first point to check.


I have no delay to speak of.... Do you have a good wifi network? Fast computer?


I would peg that as a slow pc or stuff running in the back ground for a slight delay. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Un install the current ones and install the most up to date.


Yep, if your computer is running a lot of background tasks or apps then that can cause the delay you mentioned....


When you say slow computer, slow Wifi, etc. Those would be the cause of the issue I am hearing? I am connecting to the version 4 board with my desktop wifi. The say command (computer audio) is fine. As far as I can tell things in my computer is fine.

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Does it happen all of the time, with every sayezb() command? Or is it only now and then? Does it do it with the EZ-B Soundboard too?

Have you checked the speaker is properly connected to the EZ-B? It wont take much for the speaker to not be in contact with the two contacts on the EZ-B, so if the shell is a little loose it could cause the connection between speaker and EZ-B to break therefore no sound.


What is you computer? iCore5,7,etc....What version of Windows? 7 or 8?... That kind of thing... What router do you have?... If you pc say commands work fine, then maybe the lag is with your WIFI? Are there any other lags? Camera, servos, movement panels? I had to upgrade my router because it was crap... slow, many disconnects and the range was terrible... Could be your wifi/router, especially if you have lags in other areas...?


.... Just a thought, which may or may not be relevant to your issue.... SayEZb does not have a SayEBZWait command like the PC SayWait command... Meaning you'll need to use the sleep command after each SayEZB command if you want to it to say more, or else it will cut off the first SayEZB command.... see below...

SayEZB("I am an awesome robot made by EZ Robot")

sleep(2000) # without this the next EZBSay command will cut off the first one

SayEZB("and for a change, something is built in Canada, instead of the US")


My PC is not an i5 or Anything like that. It's a dual core intel processor. 4 gigs of ram running win 7.

In my script I am using the sayezb command once. I noticed after the sleep 2000 I added another sayezb command. That did not miss any words when the command executed. The first instance of sayezb always for me never finishes what I have In the quotation marks.


Wayne mine does that too. Sometimes during playback a stored mp3 "mr roboto" will just repeatedly start itself over several times yet the file is fine. It doesn't happen all the time ao it makes it harder to troubleshoot. Even during the talking between quotes it will miss some of the words but not all the time. Im attributing mine to my network. Im hoping once I replace my cable modem/ router all in one all these troubles will go away. Sometimes my whole robot just goes out of control. In one of those instances my robot ran into the couch with my 3 children on it and proceeded to push the couch across the room. It was actually a funny site to see. Yes my robot is very very strong. Chris


If that is the case then I need a super computer and better hardware then that is not an option for me.

But thanks for the info and help.


I think it a simple matter of resource management. You say you placed a Sleep() command and the second file played? Try placing a Sleep() command before the first one and make sure EZ Robot is not running any other scripts. I don't know what your project looks like but are you running any looping scripts or monitoring any ADC ports? Those actions take a lot of resources and stall performance. If you have any looping scripts make sure you place a short Sleep() command in the loop like 0500 or even 1000.


There is no looping. My code is only 2 lines. Trying to learn. I wanted the robot to introduce itself.

Not sure how to post script here but I can type.

:START SayEzb("Welcome to my robot.") Sleep(4000) SayEzb("Take a look around my shop")

That's it. That's all I have began to figure out so far. The first sayezb command all you hear thru the EZb speaker is "my robot" Then i wait 4 seconds to wait for it to say that. Then the next one comes thru with the entire sentence.


I've noticed that once in a while I'll have a voice file clipped but I'm using files and not Windows voice. However I think it may be the same problem. Try these two scripts and see what happens:

SayEzb("Welcome to my robot")
SayEzb("Take a look around my shop")

SayEzb("Welcome to my robot")
SayEzb("Take a look around my shop")
Goto(Start) #This will loop the code till you stop it manually

Also I noticed you have a period in your first command. Don't use that. This may not be what is causing the problem but it's unnecessary.


Ok I removed the periods. Added your code. For me still doing the same thing. For now might have to Bluetooth it.


@kamaroman68.... I noticed what you wrote about your robot going uncontrolled sometimes... You're using the Sabertooth right? The sabertooth will "go random" when it first gets a serial command like go forward.... What I found is that before any initial movement commands I send the sabertooth a stop command... eg SendSerial(D0,38400,0) .... Then every command after that works as expected.... I like to use SendSerial(D0,38400,0) to my sabertooth in my connection scrip to prevent exactly what your experiencing....

Sorry about the tiny thread jack..., hope this helps

Cheers Richard


I have verified that this issue occurs on slower computers. i'm taking a look at a fix for you :)


I mentioned that in post #3... I jut tried ARC on an old atom powered netbook... And sure enough, voice problems... Mostly clipped voice output... Wayne... You might need to get a faster computer my friend?


@RichardR, and WayneA may be OK if DJ does what he says and fixes it. He's great at optimizing ARC and has don't it many time in the past with other problems we've had. Any way he can optimize it to run better is a good thing.

This is truly great news and confirms some of the things I've been experiencing. Although I'm not having as nasty of a problem as @WayneA, I'm still getting a few clips at the end or beginning of a word in a sentence here and there. I find the problem gets worse when my AVG anti virus is running a scan in the background. I'm running a older Dual Core Intel with a fresh install of Win 7 as the OP System. WayneA may be running a old and clogged up install of Win 7 which may be why his problem is much worse than mine.

EDIT: As far as a a fast WiFi connection; Do a scan of the other networks that are around you and see what channels they are on. Pick a channel to run your home network WiFi router on that has few or no other people on it. Lots of people just plug in their home router and use the default channel. This causes everyone in your neighborhood including yourself to be on the same channel and slow down your connection.


@DJ: Thank You. Sorry to be a major pain in the neck.

@Rich: What would you recommend?


Richard R.... I'm using the robo claw, very similar to sabretooth but has more built in functionality I believe. I think I read sabretooth requires a kangaroo for encoder inputs. Robo claw has that readily available natively.


@Wayne , just so we know can you post your system specifications?

Cpu brand , socket and mhz/speed Ram amount / speed Mobo if known HD TYPE and age

Router brand and model number

Lastly a screen shot or list of processes running in task manager when the delay is happening.

This can help us determine what a " slow pc" is considered with the new ARC requirements so every new member can optimize their setup to exceed the one your having slight issues with.

Thanks a bunch ! I hope you have lots of fun using EZ Robot products - Josh S


@Jstarne1: You got it. I can do that this evening when I get home.