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Sixc Does Not Make Sound

Six arrived yesterday. Thanks However the robot will connect to my WiFi in AP mood but it does not make any sound when booting up. What's wrong?


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Can you play any sounds out through the speaker at all? If you're brave enough (actually no big deal)... remove the 4 screws in the top section of the ezb4 case. Split the case and see if the speaker is installed correctly (making contact with the spring power connectors)....


I would assume that you got a bad speaker and it wouldn't be hard to switch out at all if you could get another one. This is definitely one for EZ-Robot to diagnose with you.


Can you use a small screw driver to open the case of the EZ-B? Please post photos and we will guide you through to make sure there is a proper connection on the speaker:)


thanks for the responses. no sound at all even with simple command . I opened the controller case and carefully split the case. I then had to nudge the pcb out of the bottom portion. there are two very small springs at the speaker but I have doubts if they stick out enough to make contact with the pcb. the flash on the case standoffs where the screws go is taller then the springs. I could not tell if the speaker was making electrical contact since I could not see under the pcb in the bottom of the case. I took pictures but they are too fuzzy in macro mode to be usefull. I tried removing some of the case flash but reassembly proved that there was still no sound. next thoughts please.


Do not modify the case please. The case is designed specifically for the EZ-B PCB and speaker - modifying the case will also void any warranty during our assistance to help you:)

As for the springs, it may be an anomaly of why they are compressed too much. If you have a very small screw driver (jeweler screw driver) or a pin, pull the springs out a tiny bit (approx. 1mm further)


very carefully I pulled the springs up a small hair. no change can be reported.. it still connects to wifi but no sound pictures attached

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That is correct DJ. No startup ding or audio messages.


Hi DJ, i have a similar issue at my EZ-B. It doesnt bring up the start Sound when connected or the end Sound when disconneted. But instead i have a 5 Hrz knocking Sound from the speeker all the time. This issue i have since the beginning. There is no other Sound possible. Other than that all seems to be fine.

Best regards from Germany



Hello @Bernd,

Have you tried to ply the speaker contacts up 1mm to see if it's a physical connection issue?


Hi Jeremie, yes i dit try this to. The contacts seem to be ok. I pulled them about 1mm out, for a solid contact.