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Asked — Edited

Site Going Down/ Announcement

Will DJs announcement video happen before or after the site going down this afternoon?


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@fxrtst OK, I know you live in the future a lot by nature of your work - but the site going down is two days from now, if the message appearing in my browser is correct (site down on 12/5):D
Huh, i was pretty sure it said 12/3 last night......i see 12/5 now. I guess the announcement will come before the chicken and the egg....


Huh, i was pretty sure it said 12/3 last night.

I think it said that this morning too.....

I logged in to see the new site today as well. Looks like it has been pushed back past Monday now.
I checked the new website and there is no new content, still just our posts collated on a new webpage. No new product sections or anything so I am hoping that there is a whole new section to be opened up. I guess that is what is taking the extra time.
If you’re asking - you haven’t found the second Easter egg
Ha well - guess you have to wait 2 days:D

We had to move the site downtime by providing more notice for schools and companies requiring EZ-Cloud services, etc... which will also be offline during that day.
I half-found the second Easter egg earlier, based on the hints. I *just* found the actual "egg" now.

I think new site is up now although I never found the egg. I posted a question. I hope someone answers it.