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Shut Off Speech Recognition?

I'd like to totally shut off speech recognition to the point where I can not enable it again with speech recognition.

By default it has a command option to enable or disable speech - but it can be re-enable via speech by speaking the command to enable. I would call this more of "soft" disable. When I am listening to music or speaking on a conference call sick the speech recognition will hear something that sounds like the enable speech command and the speech recognition will activate and thus my robot will begin speaking or singing or do other inappropriate things.

Granted I could close the app, but I'd prefer a "hard" disable for the speech recognition if that is possible? Perhaps I could make a script to mute the mic? Has anyone done that before?


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Cant you just remove the enable phrase completely then it should not start up on its own That's what I did to mine and when I pause it it stays paused till I unpause it


I have the same problem .... So I leave "Enable speech" and Disable speech" blank (i.e. no speech commands) In the speech config utility...... This seems to kill the Robot enable speech, Robot disable speech commands. Meaning I can no longer enable or disable speech via a voice command...


I leave my ARC on for weeks at a time and when the speech is paused it NEVER responds at all onless I click to un pause it

Works Great:)


So my understanding is that you want to have the voice command to enable the speech recognition, but it may activate while your on a conference call.

You could remove the enable speech command and manually start the recognition again.

You also could set the enable command to something you would almost never say like "hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia" (yes, its a word, but it cant be red underlined or speech wont get it) or a long phrase like "robot please turn on speech recognition now and get a treat".


As Young Frankenstein said: "Until, from the midst of this darkness, a sudden light broke in upon me -- a light so brilliant and wondrous, and yet so simple! Change the poles from plus to minus and from minus to plus!".

LOL in this case remove the enable speech command words :) :) :)

Thanks Wolfie and everyone. Great ideas all!


Your Welcome @JustinRatliff:) Glad something I did not understand to well was of use to someone lol when I first started playing with the speech recognition control and seen them speech phrase I did not understand just what they was or how to use them so I just completely deleted them all as I only wanted voice phrases that I scripted. I completely forgot about them till you started this thread then I looked at the control because mine never comes on after I kill it. I remember in one of your videos that Bender was always coming on and interrupting you "witch I thought was funny:) " and wondered why scraps never came on like that but did not give it any more thought after that till today then when I looked I was like "oh ya that's why" lol

Glad I could be of some help for a change:)


Come back! I was going to make espresso...


LOL @WarPig Can you believe that was Gene Hackman? I read that he totally ad-libbed that line.


Then... that was your cigar smoldering in the ashtray!

Not a day goes by that I don't find a situation to use a quote from that movie! One of my all-time top-ten favorite movies of all time. And so much more funny if you've seen the original films that it spoofs!