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Shoulder Servos Don'T Move

After charging the battery and inserting the cpu, I tried to check out which shoulder servo was left by following the tutorial. (After powering on of course) Neither shoulder servo moved. Am I doing something wrong or do I have a bad body?


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Do your the rest of your servos have an "HDD" label on them? If so, the servos are all digital and will not move on power up as the previous analog servos did. You'll have to move onto the next steps (servo fine tuning) to determine left and right. We are actually in the middle of addressing this particular confusion. Future JD's will have "R" and "L" labels on the shoulder servo wires. We also have some updated tutorial videos on their way as well:)


@wmassano You might want to check and make sure you didn't plug those servos in backwards....


Thanks Jeremie, I was hoping it was something like that. What type of servos are they? I have the ability to test A12's and A18's

  1. if the servo wires for the shoulders are not labeled, simply connect the wires to the ezb to the appropriate ports. Do not bother which is left or right, connect each plug to the ports for the ezb. You will know which servo is which once operation begins

  2. the learn section will assist building your robot and connecting. Once connected, you will know which servo is left or right if they need to be reversed. Simply swapping the connectors to the location of the ezb is enough.


@wmassano The HDD servos are just digital servos as opposed to the older analog ones... They are not dynamixel type...