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Shipping Prices

Omg! I need to buy some new parts over the next few weeks but i cant possibly justify the shipping rates. I'm assuming the parts are being shipped from a chinese manufacturer? Is there any kind of partnership with any north american retailers or distributors? I know robotshop canada has some of the bots and the ez-b but no servos, replacement, or upgrade parts. As it stands i am basically in ez robot limbo lol Can't move forward with my projects. Any info at all would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks guys.


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Hi William,

Have you checked the Reseller's link? Resellers

Brookstone has servos and odd bits on close out. I've bought from them in the past.

What parts are you in most needs of? If the resellers and Brookstone don't work for your needs maybe one use will sell/share our extra parts?


Go to Products Tab here and you will see "Find a Retailer Near You". I have used RobotShop and last purchase was free shipping, :D


You can find a list of retailers, some perhaps local to your country or region using the "Find a retailer near you" option located in the top right throughout the shopping experience.

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EZ-Robot in Canada is r&d, business, marketing, etc.. All product manufacturing, logistics and shipping originate from Shenzhen, China as advertised on the online checkout pages. Low prices of ez-robot products assist with shipping charges to your region. Additionally, ez-robot minimum shipping type is DHL express to ensure your package arrives in a timely manner, unlike waiting weeks for other "free" post services of other online shoppers.


Ok thanks guys, ill take a closer look at the retailers link. I probably missed something there. I use robotshop often for parts but they dont have much ez robot product to offer beyond the complete bots.


@JustinRatliff I plan on purchasing a slew of parts over the next couple of months. Mostly servos but i need extension cables, a second ezb, the ezb upgrade for current board, and likely a few more parts. The thing is i wont be buying them all at once. Thats why im concerned about shipping prices. Thanks for the suggestions.


You can always contact RobotShop or any supplier and request that they carry more items. Companies carry only what produces revenue (i.e. sells). If they don't carry a specific item, they won't know if no one asks them.


That makes sense. Ive contacted robotshop several times for other matters in the past and they were incredibly helpful and attentive so i think thats a great idea. Certainly cant hurt to try. Thanks


@WilliamK I have used Robotshop all the time. I had to order a part from Servocity that they didn't carry. I couldn't order from servocity cause I live in canada too. So Robotshop got a price quote for me and ordered them special order. Worked great..


@Rural Geek Thats really great news. Thanks for the tip.