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Why again is shipping delayed and why? Really want to start my wall-e project.



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United Kingdom
Chinese new year and high demand.

Some online stores may have stock for quicker delivery but I doubt it from what I've read.

Hang in there, the wait is worth it and in the mean time read through the tutorials, watch the videos, read the forums, check the showcase and think up some cool ideas to do with the robot:)
ok thanks.

Wait............. I'ts made in china?!?!?!
China crap. Not in this case though.

Not ment to cause affence.
United Kingdom
Everything is made in China. But the EZB was designed in Canada:)
yea every blueprint comes comes from canada or the usa pretty much.
United Kingdom
It's about the best thing to come out of Canada but the bar wasn't set too high mind you - no offence;)

Also, make sure you get yourself all of the accessories, brackets, servo extensions, h-bridges, servos etc. etc. that you might need. I was waiting around for 3 weeks for my servo extensions that I needed to wire up my h-bridge, ultra sonic sensors, camera etc. - longest 3 weeks ever!..
i've ordered everything and they're on their way(s).

servo cable extensions
Wall-e toy
bluetooth dongle
and the ez-b
Where did u get the Wall-e toy from?
Do u know whether we can use the Vuzix wrap310xl as the augmented reality glasses for wall-e?
United Kingdom
@pranav, If the Vuzix Wrap210xl glasses are compatible with the EZB then yes, you could use them with any robot however wait for someone to answer your question in your own topic. When someone who knows the answer comes on to the board they will answer you so please be patient and refrain from thread hijacking.