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Share Your Halloween Robot Costumes

Anyone doing any halloween projects? Anyone on the community making a costume for their robot? The holidays is usually fun for robots. I did a Wall-E toy hack up and dressed him in a santa hat and scarf from a toy bear one year.


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I decided to have a go at it this year! My girlfriend agreed to help me, I am paying her in popcorn currency.
Here's a video!

I hope to see lots of cool costumes from the community!
Well, that was certainly different and interesting. Love the hot glue instead of needle and thread! ALso, there's nothing more creepy then a dark basement storage area. Almost like a crypt! *eek*
seems averybody has some dark ideas haha.woooohooo

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I submitted my inmoov robot Bruce-e dressed up as the tinman from the wizzard of oz. He said it should be the plastic man from the wizzard of oz. He will be at the door when the kids come trick or treating greeting them. he is programmed to ask the kids what are you dressed up as? I love to see their reactions.
Well here’s my submission, undead DRD
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@Dave Well you know what they say, using hot glue instead of thread and needle really makes the clothes extra durable...? Or was it the other way around... hmm.

@nallycat Would be amazing to see some of that in a video! If not in a video, I hope to at least see a picture later!
@Sebediah Here is the video of Bruce-e my Inmoov robot showing me his halloween costume, I will try and take pictures of Bruce-e and the kids on Halloween night.
Great work man! I really liked your interaction with the robot, haha.
Lal and Artamus get into Halloween as Little Red Riding Hood, and The Big Bad Wolf.
I will post more about their costumes later.

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This is quickly becoming my favourite thread to follow!