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Set On/Off On Ssc-32

How can I set the virtual ports on the SSC-32 to on or off? Doing Set(V0,On) doesn't do it which I don't get as you can control a servo using Servo(V0,90), or, like servo speed, is this not supported either?


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They are not digital ports, Steve.... The ssc-32 servo controller is just that.... a servo controller... They control servos only... However, I do believe the ssc-32 can read analog input from one or more ports... I thought I saw it mentioned in the manual somewhere....


Just checked the manual... Indeed, the ssc-32 has 8 analog input pins...

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Yeah just saw that about analog in the manual too. I just figured that if a servo could be controlled, so could something like a relay.

Thanks anyway.


It's possible that this relay Pico Switch might be triggered (since it is used in R/c) by servo commands... 180 activates it and below 90 deactivates it... Something like that anyway... It works with the ezb as mentioned using servo(D0,180)... Actually I am fairly certain it can... There is also a battle switch as well that can handle up to a10a load...

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Thanks for the switch link. That might be worth checking out.

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Have you tried Servo(V0, 1)

Servos position based on the PWM received on the signal line so a servo controller will also output the same PWM as the EZ-B would if, for instance you set the servo to position 1.

Servo() and PWM() are very similar commands. Set() on the other hand is not alike.

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Actually no, I haven't. I'll give it a try a little later and see what happens.


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No go using Servo().

Just tried Servo(V0,1) and nothing happened. I went up in stages of 10, and all the relay did was buzz more and more the higher I went. I tried (V0,0) as well for the hell of it, but nothing.

Never mind. Nice idea though.