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Resolved Resolved by fxrtst!

Servos For Robot Dog

Anyone building a robot dog? I am looking for Servo's to build one that will work with ARC...

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Hey @fxrtst have you played with those 60kg servo yet?  I see a lot on eBay for really cheap but I haven’t purchased one yet. $30 versus $300 for a dynamixal seems like a good deal.  I wonder if you can do a potentiometer hack on these as well?
Thanks for the info @Will. It is Prusa own PC Blend filament.  I haven't ordered it yet but wanted to understand how complicated this really was.  Sounds like the Prusa printer supports it so I am game, I just didn't want to waste a bunch of money for a failed print and to make sure I had everything I need to do it. 


Here are some good ideas for enclosures...they will help to prevent the crazy warping of your prints!:)
Thanks I just got rid of a couple of old tables just like these.  I don't think I will do the tent idea because you can't see the print.
The tent is a bit weird...the table idea is cool though!!:)
I was kind of thinking I would go with a clear plastic garbage bag and some dowel but look what I just found in the basement from when the kids were little, and it glows in the dark:)

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FOC bake off. (From the Discord channel) . O'Drive, Moteus and MIT Cheetah 
That was a good one...but all of those have a pretty high pricetag! I am also looking into Tinymovr, could be a good one?
But both Moteus and ODrive are top choice boards!!:)
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Found this on the web while browsing.
The poor mans robot dog!

Link Here
Found this on youtube. Strain drive. It's a variation on the harmonic drive. The video at 14min is pretty cool to watch. James Bruton also has a similar video this week.

You might want to scrub through this, but we've talked alot about this dog here. Here is a demo and unboxing. Very impressive speed!

Ok, I want one. Time to take out a second mortgage to pay for it. I wonder if it has sensors on it to keep it from running into my in ground pool. LOL.
I have found there is a big difference between wanting one and actually being able to buy it for advertised price.
Yeah i think they will eventually settle on 10k -ish...especially with the hype.
$10K sounds about right. Seems reasonable, If its something that will be useful all the time. I wonder if it makes a good guard dog?:)
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Heheh yeah no dog food or p**p to clean up!
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I guess it gets down to functionality versus cost.  The unitree robot only works on relatively flat surfaces. if there are stairs then it will fall down. It can barely handle walking off a gutter based on the video's.  It only has one front facing D435 sensor and short legs so I can't imagine this would be resolved soon.  If it can't handle complex terrain, I will be honest I don't see a lot of advantage to a legged robot that can't handle stairs.  My 3D Printed Dog can't get over anything higher than a couple of inches, and a well designed tank could easily handle that.

I thought I'll bring the thread back to life with some progress I made on my actuator...:)