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Servo's On Second EZB

I am running two EZB's on my project.  The second one has two servos connected.  When I run the script command getservo(1.12) or getservo(1.13) it returns zero until I actually issue a move servo command and then it will show the position of the servo.  Has anyone else noticed this issue?

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I have browsed through many conversations and not found anyone reporting this issue.
I may be misinterpreting your question but this seems reasonable to me. If you haven't issued a servo command for it to move a servo to a certain position then ARC doesn't know where the servo is. The EZ-Robot servos do not tell ARC what their position is, they do not have inverse kinematics features, you need Dynamixel servos or other specialty servos for that.

Do you have an initialization script that puts all servos into a starting position? This allows ARC to get the servo position.
I have an init script but it doesn't move the servos.  Will add that.  Not sure why I thought it would know.  Thanks for the information.