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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Servo Inversion?

Is it possible to invert the servo in the servo profile.servo file of EZ builder?. Something like SetServo (d15, invert). I've searched and all I can find are doing it in a control. But I'd like to do it in the profile or init. Some example code or point me to where to look for more info cause I'm not finding it on my own. Thanks

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Thank's for the quick response.  I had read the servo control link.  But was still hopeful there was scripting under that invert checkbox and not something hardcoded into the software.  Your site and your products are great.  So much info.  Unfortunately I'm legally blind.  Might sound crazy but text and scripts I handle fairly well.  Pictures, GUI's and checkboxes drive me nuts.  But thanks a lot.  You guy's and 3D printers have done more for people like me than you'll ever know.