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Servo Sliders


I am having a very frustrating problem with the Horizontal and Vertical Sliders in EZ-Builder. I think the GUI update for the servo control is a bad update, and the sliders that use to be there are much better.

What is happening is when I click and drag to change the servo position value, when I let go the number in the box jumps to another number. So when I move the servo again its position jumps to the random value. I cannot control the servos at all accurately or easily with this new GUI. Please change it back. I tried two different mouse and the same issue is still there.

When you let go after click and dragging to change the number, the final number jumps to some random value.


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United Kingdom
Move your mouse slower for better accuracy.
Also, if you right click on the number you can choose from a drop down list.
Even if I move my mouse slow, the number still jumps when I let go of the clicker. Does this happen to anyone else? Basically when I let clicker, lets say at number 55, the number jumps to 34 or something. So the next time I click the box to move the servo, it jumps from 55 to 34 and then start to follow my mouse. Sucks.
Ok so I got the joystick to work, and it is much better than using the mouse and keyboard!
I'm having the same trouble. My version doesn't show any sliders at all and when I click "center" it just changes to the lower value instead of a center value. ie I set the upper to 60 and the lower to 40. Center, if I read the instructions correctly should produce a value of 50. Mine just drops to 40 or whatever the lower value is set to.
This happens to me a bit. Not all my servos but a couple do.
I think the center button does not have to do with the values you set.

I think the center button brings the servo to 50 not matter what values are set....

At least this has been my experience, as I have changed the max and min values and center still brings the servo back to the same spot regardless of my max and min values.
United Kingdom
The center button has a known bug. Wait until tomorrow and see if it's still there:)
If your using your mouse on a reflective surfis it can cause the mouse to jump around alot i have that vary problem as i dont have any sort of pad to use just the shiny table top

one day i will use a book or something under my mouse i did try a sheet of paper but it tended to move with the mouse lol
Yah so I think the issue was using a Apple magic mouse in Windows. The Apple drivers make the top scroll of the mouse extra sensitive or something. I tried using the sliders in when booting Windows from Parallels and the mouse is working much better.