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Servo Profile Doesn Chow Up

i saved in the cloud and on my pc,the servo profile.but it doesn show up,
when open ez builder.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

Your robot can be more than a simple automated machine with the power of ARC Pro!

Once saved, profiles can be loaded from the EZ-Cloud with the OPEN FROM EZ-Cloud button on windows or SYNC on mobile.

You must use the same account on devices that wish to share profiles.

For more information on using EZ-Robot products, check out The Robot Program and associated activities. Have fun!
i can open it manuelly,but when i open excample a jd project it auto ask for it ?
got it .i forgot to check the checkbox servo profile.

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There you go - great work in solving your issue.
i made a ARC for the gremling if he wants to use it.
he have to calibrate his servo's first.he did not do this.
would it be good to make it publik ?
Servo profiles cannot be public. servo profiles are specific to a robot, which is specific to a user. No two robots would share a servo profile.

Also, i do not know why a custom built robot would have a servo profile. There is no need for a servo profile for a custom built robot. This is because the custom built robot would have Auto Position frames specific to it, not any other robot.

A custom robot is built by someone and would have specific Auto Position frames for it.

There are great tutorials on the Auto Position manual page for creating auto positions. Here is a direct link: https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=180