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Servo Position

Hi all!
I have two kind of servos. Some are the default ez-robot servos and some MG996R. As you can see at the video, the ez-robot servo can make full 180 degree movement instead MG996R that it's movement is small. How can i resolve this issue?


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I believe this is caused by the servo manufacturers straying from the standards. The ez-robot servos use the proper pwm range, while those servos use a larger range. The ez-b only outputs the proper range.
First make sure your min max position inside the control is set to 0 and 180.
Servo City has a device called a servo Stretcher. This may help resolve your problem. Check it out.
Thank you for answering my question!
I will try some other brands like JR and Futaba servos and i will post the results.
I'm very new with EZ and excited by the potential of this controller so i can't imagine that can run only EZ servos at full turns!
You will experience the best results with analog servos.
Dj Sures thank you for reply! sorry for late response!
As i understand from your reply the v4/2 can be used only with analog servos for full 180 degree movement!
Am i right?
@ellasdoc, well not exactly.

You will definitely have better luck with analog servos since most of them use the same servo chips but, as @Cardboard Hacker mentioned, it really depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have their own timing range that they use with their products and while our timing range tries to cover the majority of servos there are still many out there that require a unique timing signal to get the full range.

We have our own digital servos being released very soon that match "common" analog timing signals and have the full range, but other manufacturers' digital servo signals are usually a little different than analog signals.
I'm looking forward to these new servos. Finding a digital servo that works "like" an analog servo has been a challenge for me. The Alan project "jaw servo" must be analog to work correctly with the audio servo driver i'm using. I've tried with nearly all my (100s) servos and happen to find a box of discontinued "robot servos" from Hitec, that work great. But I'm looking for something that I can add to the BOM for Alan that anyone can use and have access too. Its the main reason my second build of Alan was designed around EZ Robot products (servos, etc).

Is there an ETA on these new servos? I know we just got thru the Chinese new year, so things should be back on track?!?