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Servo Position

I know this may be a dumb question. How do I setup the servos so they both go forward. I have to place my servos (see attached picture) exactly the same to get them to roll in the correct direction. Which would place one servo body on the outside of the robot. I have tried placing in all sort of directions but cant figure it out.
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Reverse the values in the Movement Panel for one of the servos.

However, saying that by default one side will be reversed anyway, reversing would make both run the same direction...

If using individual modified servo controls one will need to have it's values reversed (i.e. forward value of 1 and reverse value of 180)
Never mind, I figured it out. Sorry for the post.
United Kingdom
Never feel you need to be sorry or that any question is dumb. We all start somewhere and, even though you figured it out yourself other users may have a similar question and find this topic when searching.
There are never dumb questions, only dumb answers. I know because I've been known to give a few from time to time. :D