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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Servo Offset Configuration

I've created a project in EZ builder for my hexapod with 20 servo's and did the servo offsets and saved the file.

But every time a load the project it doesn't asked to load the servo offset configuration file, And I have to load it manually. Why is this?

If I use an Example Project like 'Six' it asks me automatically to load the servo offset configuration.

This has caught me out a couple of times!

What am I doing wrong?


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Look in "Preferences" in the menu of ARC... it is the last item "Prompt for servo profile when loading projects"
United Kingdom
Thanks Richard, but this is already checked.

I've unchecked it and then checked it again, makes no difference!

Any other ideas?
cem, servo profiles are for robots built with revolution parts - if the project does not include revolution parts, it will not automatically ask for the servo fine tune. This is due to ppl without revolution robots not needing servo profiles.

Maybe if there was an option in preferences that forced the inquiry of a servo profile, you would want that?
United Kingdom
Thanks DJ, that would explain it.

Any chance in putting that option in the preferences on your next release?

I been caught out with this, when running a command in the servo Auto Position, it sent some of the servos pasted their stop mark, and I stripped the metal gears on one of the servos, luckily I had a old faulty spare which I used to rebuild the stripped gears.
Yup I can throw that in. However, in exchange I want to see a video of this wicked 20 servo hexapod! That's exciting:D