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Servo Lag?


I have a project where I need one servo to follow anothers servo's motion, but with a lag of say a second. The servos would be on spereate pins, but need to use the same data, one just needs a lag of one second behind the other. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.


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All of this may become redundant if there is an option in one of the controls (I don't know, I have to admit I haven't used the controls for a while now and I don't have ARC in front of me to check).

You could use a script to do it. Short and simple...

Assumed D0 is the master servo and D1 is the slave following;


#Set up a label for looping
#Wait for the master servo to move
#Wait for 1 second
#Move the slave servo to the position of the master servo
Servo(D1, GetServo(D0))
#Return to the start
Thanks Rich. You are certainly the goto guy. That is exactly what I was looking for!
@fx ,just a thought for in the future if you need servos to move in the same direction at the same time you can try a y cable or a tandem FUTUBA box that allows trim and synce to be adjusted.
What Rich said:) @Rich, you my friend, were quick on the draw there. LOL:)