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Servo Horn Adapter Installation

So I hay my servo motors mounted in place so I can install the servo adapter horns but I don't have any idea what these rubber garments and brace garments are used for and I'd hate to just put the adapters on and screw it done and then mess the servo up becuase I was suppost to add either parts. Any one know what their for ?

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Those are optional parts for mounting the servo. On the sides of the servo, you see the holes, 2 on each side? You put the grommets in there and run your mounting screws through them.


Dang I knew that's what the little screws were for lol o well I guess it dont matter now lol thank u very much for you help


You are welcome. I can confess when I first saw them years ago I had no idea what they were for either. I accumulated a huge bag of them.

It does make for a nicer and tighter servo mount if you use them, you stick the rubber grommet in the servo mounting hole first, then the metal piece goes in the grommet hole and the screws have a smooth upper part that lets them slide in and out of the metal inside piece without tearing up the rubber.

Some rubber grommets are round (like you have) and some are square depending on the servo style and manufacture.


Those parts are commonly used to mount the servos in RC airplanes and helicopters. the servos are usually screwed into the balsa wood of the model along with a servo tray.


Ok I'm glad I asked lol well I guess my servos should be nice and tight any ways I just put sum Phillips head bolts and nuts on them so I guess that should be the best and strongest way for now