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Servo Causes Program To Freeze

I am doing speech and "robot move forward" and the servo runs but then I can't shut it using the servo control and the ez program keeps freezing on me. When this happens I get the message "I have successfully connected to your network" and why this is resetting, I have no clue. Anyone have any ideas?
Also the program keeps telling me to update the ez program but I did and it still flashes for the upgrade even it acknowledged the upgrade a few days ago.



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Sounds like you are not providing enough current for the servo. What are you using for the power source?
@frankcottnj As DJ mentioned it's probably a power problem... or more specifically lack of it. You should be using either Lipo batteries, SLA Lead acid or a Sub C nimh battery pack....
Hi Dj, it is 7 volt 1 amp power supply I had to use because the barrel plug doesn't fit into the receiver. I also tried to just run a simple server script. What size barrel do we use on these so I can order one online?

Thanks so much
@frankcottnj 1 amp is not nearly enough power for even 1 servo.... For comparison a 20amp power supply might be enough to run Revolution Six... I use a 60amp power supply to run my inMoov... It works well as long as I use Jeremie's super cap mod....

Barrel Plug
Barrel plug with deans battery lead