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Servo Buttons And Combo Box

I am finding the servo Buttons and Combo Box are not consistent between the Mobile App and a PC.
They actually work on the Mobile App perfectly whereas on a PC, the Combo Box activates a selection before it is clicked, whilst the servo Buttons require the user to tap +- repeatedly. With the Mobile App, you just slide your finger left to right. Is there any solution to this?

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I talked to the team, and it seems there's a difference between the two platforms you identified. Computers and phones/tablets use different operating systems and therefore have other built-in graphic objects that behave differently. They say the combo box behavior may be able to change on PC to simulate the mobile, but they're not sure and will look into it. 

However, the servo control on the PC can be altered to match the mobile touch-to-slide version for consistency. 

We won't be making any changes to the mobile version of ARC because it has been deprecated and is only maintained for bug fixes, not new features. 

But, we are working on a new mobile app that allows user interfaces for ARC on PC. That means the new mobile app will connect to a PC and render the graphic objects and full-screen interfaces to the mobile device. It's built on an extension from the Oculus Quest Robot Skill's remote desktop and [url=https://synthiam.com/Support/Skills/Camera/Robot-Skill-to-Camera?id=21225]robot skill to the camera. I don't have release date information for this feature at this time.
Thanks for your comments. That's interesting reading. I would love to see a new version of the mobile app.
One of my biggest wishes is to be able to play audio tracks and say commands on a mobile device connected to a bluetooth speaker.
I have had to hack the EZB to get reasonable audio out of it, but then 'say' commands don't work with Android.
I get fantastic audio using a laptop connected to a b/t speaker. I can live with the Combo Box and Service Buttons as they are but I thought they worked so much better with the Mobile App. That usually isn't the case.
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I can add a bit more info about the mobile app. To clarify, what she's saying is that ARC PC has significantly outgrown what is possible with the mobile app. We had to determine how much effort we could put into mobile ARC. One of the biggest problems that you have outlined is audio. Because Android is open to developers for custom mobile (phone/tablet) hardware,  there is no standard for audio and other features. This has made it impossible for us to justify development efforts to support Android with these features. Discussing iOS, the opposite is that Apple has locked down the operating system so much that development has expensive and time-consuming hurdles. 

So the summary is that we decided to continue focusing on ARC PC a few years ago because it provides the most extensive feature-rich experience for robot builders. We realize that many people wish to have remote control capability of the ARC PC rather than speech recognition, such as the Conversation Menu Robot Skill. We have been working on a new mobile app that connects to ARC PC and provides custom user interfaces. Our beta tests have proven successful with advanced robot builders. We know it will be a hit with everyone when it is released.

In the meantime, I see the latest build has a few changes to the ARC PC interface builder you mentioned. I hope this helps better understand the direction Synthiam is taking with ARC to provide robot builders reach their goals.


expensive and time-consuming hurdles
I love it when you talk that way.xD


We have been working on a new mobile app that connects to ARC PC and provides custom user interfaces. Our beta tests have proven successful with advanced robot builders. We know it will be a hit with everyone when it is release
I am really looking forward to seeing and using this new app you all are working on. It sounds great!