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United Kingdom
Asked — Edited


Right. So another email has come about stating delays are afoot. A week after everyone was promised shipping would start. But we're all too familiar with this. My wife ordered me JD for Christmas sometime in August 2013. Seriously guys? There will only be so long people can take this rubbish. As far as I'm aware, despite your "12-16 hour days" there still isn't a video of JD actually walking. Another promise not delivered in march.

It's not a mirror for the Hubble space telescope, it's a plastic robot. There has to have been a point where someone has said "stuff it we've done enough". If it takes 10 weeks got get an ABS mould manufactured then you are talking to the wrong suppliers. Why it has taken so long to even get the PCB's printed up is beyond me. It's all good and well that you have had time to fine tune things and make adjustments, but all the while the $500 I paid 6 months ago has been gaining interest in your bank while I am left without a product that was first promised before Christmas, then there was an indefinite delay. Then march was the new goal, it came and went without so much as a sorry, and once again it's been pushed back three months. To thoes whom want to say "just get a refund" I feel invested in EZ-Robot and want to see them succeed, but I'm not a shareholder I'm a customer. That and the last shipping blunder did give rise to the extra store credit offer which has technically bagged me another EZ-B V4 on top of my JD purchase.

In the time it's taken to have a 1Kg robot built I have had a car built from scratch in Spain, shipped over and delivered!

I'm aware that many of the deeper sect of the cult following will likely shoot me down or the post will be removed but when has any one else had to wait so long for a PCB, some servos and plastic. I'm well aware that there is, in theory, more to it than this, but code can be developed in a largely open source fashion, so why don't we have the PCB's to speed the process along?

Just another annoyed customer waiting for his vapourware to show up. I have kept my mouth shut until now as it does seem to be, on paper at least, a fabulous product. If it didn't have that to coast along on. I expect far more people would have pulled their money by now. But then we don't really know as in the last year only a handful of product videos have been released. This isn't an attack on DJ or any of the EZ-robot staff. All the contact I've had with anyone from EZ-Robot has been polite and lovely conversation. It's a complaint about the way the company has been conducting its business thus far with regard to the revolution kit and the EZ-B V4.

Just ship it. I don't care if JD is made from injected ABS, printed ABS, I don't care if I have to print the little blighter myself, he could be made of paper mâché for all I care. It can be glitchy and shakey and JD can fall over all he wants unless he is perfectly stationary and perpendicular to ground that is constructed on a perfect compound algorithmic radius about the earths gravitational center wearing lead boots. Just put your promises in a box and ship it!



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United Kingdom
Addendum. Video of JD taking 3 steps has been uploaded. Satisfied on that front.

Also missed that on the website it states for new buyers that the dispatch wait is 5-7 weeks. Yet my 6 month old order won't be delivered for at least 12 so the latest update states. Misleading customers new and old.

this happens now in all online chops.selling parts whithout having a big stock.
chops cant affort to get stuck whit lots off parts that are not selling.
in this bad times (inflation- we all gonna feell it.
but you got a point there.you have only one good chot to promoot a (surtenly) robot.
i see many go down,by not taking enouch time to check all over and over again.
but its sure stressfull time all the waiting.
check the robot robokind R25 GOOD EXCAMPLE HOW NOT TO DO IT.
the site chould be all the time perfectly updated .
robokind starts whit chowwing the R50 great robot,then they make the R25 whits has much lesser quality face.
then the final outcome off the robot on kickstarter,it looks like the plumming in my house.

am very newbie in all thats related whit robots.but i see lots off video's and talk to robot sellers.
i like jd robot ,he's very cute,do i think lot more needs be done .to make jd the ultimate robot.
thats why i post servo's whit special mechanisme from robi here.excample waist servo,looks cool.
i will post today that picture.for me the ultimate robot is a robot who has all a human can do,
els its a robot like any other robot.i mean elbows,mouthleds,hands.you named.
something where all people say wow this is the coollest robot.IT HAS ALL.

tree months delay ,i think and hopes its sooner whits really can happen
United Kingdom
It's discussed in this topic. Have a read. You aren't alone with feeling disappointed.

Basically, Jason is on the case for full, open and honest transparency regarding the delays. I've offered some suggestion to EZ-Robots too which I hope they will take on board.

While disappointed and feeling somewhat miffed about it we can't do anything about it neither can EZ-Robots. We can only look forwards and hope that any further delays are explained and announced quickly.

If you read the other topic you will see that even I have expressed my dissatisfaction and disappointment and Jason has responded.
The good news is there will not be any more delays regarding the new shipping date. It is a bit longer than expected, but it has been really important to repair the injection mold designs before mass production. We were really confident that our parts were ready for manufacturing many months ago - as the parts were reviewed for DFM (design for manufacturing), they came back with many concerns - which we needed to address. The delay hasn't been on the manufacturing facilities - it's on the quality and review of the molds.

The clips and pressure for parts are really important for accuracy - and additionally they cannot have mold seams along the center. That has required a lot of work to identify how to create the molds.

Regarding the pcb, it's not taking a long time because of the manufacturer. The delayed time is due to sourcing parts. Take a good look at the ezb when you get it - it's a full-on computer in a tiny little form factor that outputs dozens of peripheral ports, video, audio and large amounts of current - additionally includes wifi, which is where our major delay has been.

In order to manufacture and sell an electronic product in stores and across boarders that includes RF transmission - you require certifications - such as CE and FCC. That costs tens of thousands of dollars and many months of red tape. We were able to piggy back off another module's certification - but that put us at the mercy of their manufacturing time. We saved substantial costs, but added a little time.

The pcbs are also enclosed in an injection molded case. Even though the pcbs can be done before injection molding - they can't be shipping without the case.

Finally, there's assembly and quality control. There are many companies involved in manufacturing the 10,000 robot revolutions. There are seperate companies for electronical component sourcing, warehousing, pcb manufacturing, chip programming, DFM review and 2d file creation, over seas consultant who handles all relationships and schedules, mold review and machinist, injection mold company, warehousing again for the unassembled parts, company who assembles the parts and puts them in a box, company who ships the products to customers and stores.

That's a lot of companies involved:) good thing is, we are finally all on the same page and all companies agree on the timelines.
:D great order can arrive on my birthday,cool.:D
longer video of jd please....3 steps not enough...I need MOAR!
United Kingdom
@Hoolagen1 those videos are 30 second commercials so for the purpose they are intended for 3 steps is enough:)

I'm sure "the other Jason" is working on more for us though:) In the mean time, stick the video on a loop;)

@DJ, thanks for the detailed explanation, it's put my concerns to bed now (along with Jason's responses) it's all been explained:) I'm sure you are as disappointed by the whole injection molding process after being confident you were done as we are with the further delays but at the end of the day, it is what it is, those 3 months will fly by as fast as the last 3 have:)
Thanks DJ for your update
While I like many others I would love to have my hands on V4 Ezb now, but I fully understand and appreciate what you are doing before you ship. There is no other electronic product that I know of that gets better with age , I would have to say my V3 EZB is a higher spec now than when I purchased .

Thank You

@rich. That robot cost close to 500 3 shuffling steps is not enough. Period.
Plus this is something can be done in less that 10 min. So yet another reason 3 sliding steps are not enough.

Maybe for you. Not for me... or most.

Just do it already.
hoolagen1, as I stated above - we're entirely consumed with tutorial videos and manufacturing.. In due time there will be thousands of JD owners who will be making videos for you. Thanks for your patience!
United Kingdom
Again, those videos are 30 second commercials. 3 steps is enough in a commercial. It wouldn't be a good commercial if it was just JD walking for the full 30 seconds. So my point of "for it's purpose 3 steps is enough" stands.

I'm sure longer videos of JD walking are coming. They have 200+ tutorial videos being worked on at the moment, plus everything else that's going on:)

Edit: I guess DJ beat me to it by a minute:)
I hear you. Just frustrated. With a dedicated person posting updates... and the product being soooo easy to use. And the time it takes to post a "its coming" reply... some one could post a quick video.

Seems to be a bit of a hot topic..the company has gone out of its way before for the forum... this request isn't or shouldn't be a big deal.

Just my 2cents. So please rich, no need defend at the drop of a dime.
Sorry, I don't think you understand:) we must make it look very easy if you think it's like that :D. The footage from those videos is old because we actually have no robots at the office. At least no working robots. The robots are currently at wired magazine. And before that they were at another magazine, etc. the prototypes cost a great deal to get running - in both cost and time. The time is best spent working with our manufacturing efforts. Thanks again for the message. Hopefully this addresses your question so I can focus my time on other things:)

I should also add that we schedule our updates and videos. They are planned and scheduled to explain how busy we are. So it would be counter intuitive to have time for instant requests and send out videos explaining how swamped we are :). I'm allocated a half hour a day in time to reply to forum and emails. The rest of my 17 hour work day is split across many other tasks.

How many foot steps of JD would you like to see? If we were to schedule a video of him walking a marathon or something...
here is jd doing more than 3 steps.

this is realy good consider the carpet give not much grip.
I notice the price of revolution roli has nearly doubled since I ordered mine .. Smacks of a scam considering I have heard nothing in 9 weeks. I have opened a dispute with Paypal as I have no faith in this company keeping their word on anything.
Sorry to hear your disgruntlement @admin. It seems that you had benefited a great deal by ordering early as in a "preorder" and now some lucky person will benefit by moving up in the wait list when you back out. What EZ-Robot "smacks" of is a great flavor for those who have the patience and finally receive an amazing product enhanced by amazing FREE and continuously updated software!
Admin. No reason to open a dispute with Paypal, simply ask for a refund through the Contact Us link. Several people have decided they can't wait through the manufacturing delays and have been refunded.

Check your Spam folder if you think there has been no contact. They have sent out monthly updates to all who pre-ordered.

Roli went up in price because they added arms to the later design. If you order the same arms for yours, the price would be the same as the new price.
@admin ( which is a misrepresented user name). I can understand your frustration. Many customers didn't anticipate the wait while products were getting ready for production. I have been around using ez robot since the first 100 boards were made. I assure you ez robot is a legitimate company. If you still need a refund and cannot wait any longer then the staff will take care of you , if you really do want a awesome little robot with v4 powering it at the pre order Price then keep your order. Getting in the door early meant you saved lots of money in exchange for the wait. I assure you it is worth it ; )
United Kingdom
To clarify, those ordered at the lower price will not come with the additional arms. If the arms are required use the Contact Us page and ask if they can update the order with arms.

If you are unsure of how legitimate EZ-Robot is you just need to check the forums out, specifically the showcase. You will see many robots which are powered by the older V3 boards (maybe even some earlier than that). However if you are still unsure and wish to back out just use the Contact Us page as previously advised and they will give a hassle free refund.

Also, as mentioned above, check your spam folder, there are monthly newsletters. Also check the forums, there are regular updates on the status of the revolution products including some very descriptive explanations as to why there are further delays.

EZ-Robot has provided, and will continue to provide updates on the pre-orders, the manufacturing processes, the shipping info etc. I can assure you it is not a scam.
I receive your forum update messages but have never received any email re my order in 9 weeks. Yes, I do check my spam and junk mail. I have trouble with firms who sell a product they do not actually have. I have requested an immediate refund. I hope this will not take 9 weeks also. I shall certainly report your progress here.
I truly think in your case this is best and as always this is your right. You are only going to miss out on the first shipments only. Try back again when you see our creations upgraded.

I was curious about the definition so I looked it up.

From Wikipedia:


A pre-order is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released. The idea for pre-orders came when people found it hard to get popular items in stores due to their popularity. Companies were then given the idea to allow people to reserve their own personal copy, before the release, which has been a huge success. Pre-orders allow consumers to guarantee immediate shipment on release, manufacturers can gauge how much demand there will be and hence how large initial production runs should be, and sellers can be assured of minimum sales.

From Oxford Dictionary:


Definition of preorder in English:

Order (an item of merchandise) before it is available, with the understanding that it will be shipped later.

An order for an item that has not yet been made commercially available.
United Kingdom
You will not have received any update on the order since there has been no change.

It should have been assumed the product was not ready by the Pre-Order notice on the shop pages and the notes against your order on your order page.

The product is expected to begin shipping in June/July due to delays in the manufacturing (as explained in this topic amongst others). Delivery was estimated at 5-7 weeks previously however the delays have set it back, I (amongst some others) have requested/advised that EZ-Robot change the lead time notice as this has caused some confusion. I would advise coming back in August to check on the current stock levels/status if you do wish to purchase once the product physically exists in an injection molded form.
Round one to you Troy. My fault for believing your 5-6 weeks delivery promise. Silly me.
I think explainations were given and apologies were made. Many of us are disappointed. Many of us has tried to explain it may be better to wait rather than cancel the order. As I said in the first sentence, it is your right to ask for the refund.

PS. My "promise" ? You confuse me with someone else perhaps?
@jdebay AND he moonwalked at the end!

@ Everyone Else; thanks guys! we do this for you!
@admin to clarify your confusion over employees and advocates of EZ-Robot, employees are recognized by the word " EZ-Robot " under their name and picture! All others are community Forum members!

Edit: This all I have to say on this thread unless things become disrespectful *tired*
@admin - Hi David, that is very unfortunate to hear that you have not received our product updates sent in February and March 2014. SPAM filters still seem to block those kind of newsletter from time to time so that might have been the case. Nevertheless, I understand your frustration from the confusion (and lack of information due to the missing updates) and have cancelled and refunded your order.
Take care!
@sticka , you may want to update your login to have ez robot instead of Canada as your location for identification reasons.
@jstarne1-XLrobots.com I don't really know what happened, but if you click my user details it shows EZ-Robot there, but not under my username...Maybe I'm just an egotistical wannabe muahahaha
Thanks for the prompt refund and good luck with the project.
@sticka , you wouldn't not be the first lol