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Sensors Dont Works On Robot (Bioloid)

i know this is not ez robot but i though to ask to understand why they are not working. i f you set sensors like in the videi separt they do works.


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What kind of sensor are you referring to? I mean, is it your colour sensor that's not working?

  1. Check to see if everything is wired correctly
  2. Is the ambient lighting good
  3. Did you program it properly(assuming you need to)
  4. Serves connected properly and working?

i have a comprehencive whit ax-s1 head sensor.any distants i choose in task,he does not see, anything.when i check servo manager ,i see the ax-s1 responding well. maybe a video would be good.


So he recognizes what he is supposed to according to your software.... but he doesn't physically move as he is supposed to?... Have you confirmed the servos are connected and in working? Or is there any way to just check the colour sensor by itself to see if it is working?


Power everything down... unplug and check all connections... then plug everything back in again... re-boot the software and power him back up again... See if that works


this one is not a color sensor ,just ir sensor.i made some video.moment


Is your IR a transmitter and receiver all in one? Is there anyway to test it separately to confirm that it is working or not working? Is it plugged in correctly? Is this your ir transmitter/receiver?

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yes thats the ax-s1. in the first video you all sensors works in the manager. second video you see the real robot sees nothing.

User-inserted image


That's weird.... so you get feedback from the IR in the software... ? Since I am not familiar with bioloid I can only guess.... Do you need to do any programming to make him turn or do whatever when he sees an object or is he already programmed to do it automatically? Have you tried re-booting everything including the bioloid robot? Not sure what else I can suggest...


Ok... try changing the code a little.... sorry not that familiar with this type of coding... but You have your code >=40 and >=50 What happens if you change it to <=50 and <=40 instead?


in the see the distants50 and 40 and 40 the lower value the further away is the object. the higher the value ,the chorter is the object.

50 is about 20 cm away from the sensor.

the program itself says the sensors are not good for precies distands. also have alot influance whit chades&lights

but my exsperiance telling me,its not working at all on a robot. as you see the above video,they work only separt. reason more to choose EZ ROBOTS haha


i did try all from lowest value to highgest value .from 10 to250 value.


no i didn see this one. due to that ax-s1 is connected like any dont have a port. but am gonna check it for sure

under the number 40 or 50 you see jumpto left or right,that what he chould do. its preprogrammed allreddy in the software.


Is there a way to put break points in your code that would allow you to step through the code and check the variables one step at a time? If so, I would start there. If not, I would start a new project with only one command to check a single sensor and return the value. Most of the time that things like this happen, it is a silly mistake and verifying that the sensor is actually working will help diagnose if it is a coding issue or a sensor issue.


Also, you may not be retrieving the data before trying to take an action on it. I don't see all of the code so I don't know. Also, I am unfamiliar with this product. Just trying to help point you to something that could be helpful.


i will have a look.this is an original program from bioloid. normal is the comprehencive whit a cm-5.i use the cm-510. the programmer from bioloid says it chould work. but you bolt have good idea.cause i dont see the object behavior in motion (software).


Yes, debug would really help... is the JUMP statement a kind of subroutine? I mean does the program go to the JUMP routines when a condition comes back true?


@nomad18.08 Do you know how to program the IR sensor to do something else... like raise his arm if he detects an object (like your hand in front of the IR sensor)?... Maybe you need to write something very simple to see if you can get him to react somehow to the IR sensor...


thank you bolt,richard you found it works great. it was the task closing was not correct.

User-inserted image


Awesome dude... Don't you love it when things finally work?

Cheers Richard


yeach ,this one i bin looking for weeks.thank you big RR.